Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 5 Filipino Dishes to eat in Riyadh

As we often bring about blogs for our readers who have newly settled in or at least are trying their level best to settle in Saudi Arabia, with information and news that can definitely help them settle in a lot easily and quicker. Most of the people who move in to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia find it a whole lot difficult to get familiar with the culture and traditions, much of the sacrifices given by the females. Though, most of the people settling in are expatriates from all around the world, where Filipinos contribute to the majority of expats! This is why we try and bring our best out for you to make your life a whole lot easier even living miles away from home.

Today’s read is obviously related to and directly connected to your taste buds, thus you will automatically take more interest in trying to know exactly what we have to offer. Filipinos who move in to the Kingdom usually do not face problems but sometimes they can get a lot home sick. This usually happens when they miss something that was prepared by the elderly, parents and family relatives etc. When your mind brings back some memories you will automatically want to crave for the taste no matter how impossible it may seem being in Riyadh. Though with so much of modernization, everything has become easy and now you can satisfy your belly easily. Now you can enjoy the Filipino taste here in the city of Riyadh easily and sometimes conveniently. Hopefully this read will help most of the new bees in the city to find and list what they may be quenching for!

  1. KARE-KARE: This is the tradition oxtail and peanut stew dish that is very much appreciated and missed by the Filipinos. The stew contains peanut butter or roasted peanuts along with vegetables including cabbage, eggplant and green beans. Apart from that this can be edited by switching oxtail with beef meat as well. The best place to try KARE-KARE is in the Pinoy Restaurant in Batha.
  2. SIGSIG: This is another Filipino dish that is served with a glass of beer in the Philippines, but here it can simply be enjoyed with a cold glass of Coke. This dish is originally made from part of pig and liver but since pork is Haram in Saudi Arabia, chicken or beef is used. The best place to order this or enjoy from is the Blue Ribbon Restaurant situated in Sulaimenia.
  3. PANCIT: This noodle style dish that was originally adopted from the Chinese seems to be very much the talk of the town everywhere! These noodles do not have a particular flavor and every restaurant has its own variation. Again make your way to Pinoy Restaurant in Batha.
  4. SINIGANG: This dish best served at Goodah Soo restaurant in Suleimania is a soup that consists of meat and vegetables in a broth.
  5. CHICKEN BARBECUE: This isn’t a Filipino dish but well appreciated by the crowd at Pasalubong in Batha.

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