Monday, February 2, 2015

Traditional / Typical Saudi Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. With a healthy and appetizing breakfast you can get through a tiring and dreadful day. On the contrary you may not need to dine for lunch if you have had a good balanced breakfast with all the necessary components of the diet table. Today's read is an outline provider of the traditional breakfast that is offered on the tables of the Saudi households.

Let me correct myself first that the traditional Saudi breakfast is served while sitting down on the ground. A plastic sheet is placed on the floor and then plates and bowls are placed in an appealing manner accompanied with teapots, glasses, mugs etc. to start of the most important part of the morning begins with a cup of coffee made with Arabian Beans and taken along dates. They provide you the genuine boost of Caffeine and Energy that vitalizes your body. Similarly on some days many households serve Arabian style Tea. This tea is made by placing dry tea leaves at the bottom of the teapot with sugar. Bring the tea leaves to boil and once the leaves rise to the top of the pot remove them using a spoon or sieve and let the rest of the water boil for three to four minutes. It is advisable to fill the glasses till the brim of the glass since it may be considered as an act of good generosity.

Apart from that the usual servings are done in separate bowls and plates consisting of different soft cheese, olives, homemade jam, helwa, fulh, dahl and Shashuka which is an Arabian version of scrambled eggs. They are served with fresh hot bread. You have a wide options for serving bread including the Afghani or Pakistani Nan or the chapati or Paratha. Sometimes these breads are served with chocolate or honey, spices and stuffed with cheese. These are the usual servings of the breakfast served on the Saudi Dastakhan as I'd like to call it.

If you really want to do a change to the traditional Saudi Breakfast and bring in your own touch inspired by your home country make sure you do so. This will bring plenty of variation and colors to your breakfast table. At times you can bring the American breakfast into Saudi Arabia by fixing up scrambled eggs, hash browns, juices and pancakes served in individual plates. Make sure you use juices as part of the breakfast even for the Saudi one such as Kimi, lime etc. They will provide you with enough of glucose! Happy Breakfasting People!

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