Saturday, February 7, 2015

When Decent Expats get Indecent Proposals

There are Expats working in Saudi Arabia, who are said to be working far away from their country, to earn enough money for their families abroad to lead a healthy prosperous life. Here we will be talking about the indecent proposals these expats get. By indecent we mean over here something related to prostitution or sex trade. As long as the person is out of it, is said to be “decent”. So frankly and honestly this thing is really common these days everywhere worldwide. As an expat you should bear in mind all these possibilities of your association with this indecent act. Whether you are a simple employee, teacher, manager, clerk or whoever, after your working hours when you go out, you might be mistaken for a prostitute if not taken care of. You must be prepared of dealing with these indecent proposals like when you are sitting in a restaurant, some crushed paper comes flying to you with a number on it to contact, or asking your price if found standing on signal. Weird eyes staring at you all the time or a car passing by offering you lift, or while jogging someone asks you out.

Cause:  One wonders what the reason behind these indecent proposals is. It is because prostitution is a professional universal sex trade, and there are some expats as prostitutes working in the country due to financial crises. People might not accept it but this is the truth therefore generally all expats are considered to belong to this low level trade.

How to save oneself? : Now how you protect yourself from such indecent proposals is really simple. Just few observations might help you. Not having eye to eye contact with strangers giving them an inviting look, covering bodies enough and not exposing it, taking care of your behavior in public so that someone doesn’t mistaken you to be a prostitute, walking on street in not so advertising manner and when sitting, jogging or alone; keeping yourself busy using earphones are just small tips to save yourself from unwanted proposals. Not showing too much frankness and friendliness with workers in an office environment. Avoid going to shady, vacuous, desolated places and areas.

What to do if it happens? Ignoring such proposals or replying to the proposals simple with a “NO” in a strong, firm, bit louder voice will clear your image. Usually the situation resolves after this but if someone is continuously insisting and doesn’t leave you, its time when you should create a scene to save yourself. Getting public attention will force that person to leave you immediately. Abusing, shouting or insulting might put you in great trouble if the person gets offended or provoked.

Precautions: One should from the start build a positive image, not letting others to take you wrong. Clearing your image, views and character, keeping the right limited behavior, prayers and confidence to face the toughest challenges is the safest way to work as an expat decently.

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