Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When will the Women Drive in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is probably the only country in the world that actually does not permit the women of its country and society to drive. This law has been in practice since Saudi Arabia has come into existence. The reason behind this rule however is still unclear.  Middle Eastern Countries such as UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait are all Muslim states similarly like Saudi Arabia though they have permitted their women to drive and provided them with equality just as they have to the men of the society. The question however much remains as when will Saudi Arabia raise its ban for women not to drive?

If one can carry out a consensus from the people of the country to reach one answer to this question probably it will take ages to actually get an answer. There are so many different views from its own people, from its own women. Sure allowing women to drive and get this mobility will open a lot of doors for the women of the society. They can be fully independent and will not have to rely on making plans and going places on the availability of their husband or driver. Instead they can simply drive off and will not have to sacrifice their jobs or social life. Maybe that is just the very reason the Saudi Government does not wish to up lift the ban!

Living in a country that follows the principles of Islam can surely not be easy especially when it comes to living in Saudi Arabia which adheres to Islamic guidelines rigidly. Though, now the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened up many doors for women. It seems to me that to some extent such bans have been securing the future of the country itself. Taking the conditions of the western countries of the world, we are able to see that they have provided their women with all types of freedom and mobility.  The women of these countries can do whatever they want whether to take up a job outside their home, study abroad or any such plans.

We all can see what things can happen to most of these women who become so much independent that they forget about their family, their culture, their norms. Such laws however in the Kingdom will ensure that women of their country remain free from all bad alms and all that is bad. They do not want their women to progress so much so they can stand a class apart from the women of the western countries who might not ever have the respect that the women of Saudi Arabia have just by staying home and keeping them safe from the view and reach from all that can harm them. Remember that all that is sweet isn’t right just as all that is bitter isn’t poison.

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