Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why Lion was upset in Saudi Arabia?

Recently news published about migration of a Lion from a zoo of India to Saudi Arabia. Everyone who visited the zoo witnessed the loin so gloomy, alone and sad. People think thought the loin was feeling difficulty while residing in KSA or he might be missing India due to wide diversity of visitors who kept on visiting his cage, used to look at him with surprising and influenced expression or probably appreciated his gorgeous personality. The lion may be missing his hundreds of thousands of fans who have been left in India and it is possible that they would be mourning his absence in their country. Hence there are so many possibilities due to which lion might be feeling gloomy and sad. He keeps on sitting in his cage all the time and looks at visitor as a broken bride who might have lost his husband on the day of wedding in an accident. Lamao !! It seems funny but the situation of lion is no doubt very interesting.

The story is that the lion was spending a happy life in India. There he was presented with fresh goat and lamb meat twice a day. Despite of this Mr. Lion kept on feeling more hunger and started claiming more food from zoo management. When his demands were rejected by claiming that he has already been provided with out of the budget food, he went on a strike and started sitting in gloomy mood inside his cage. Meanwhile an official personality from KSA visited Indian zoo and saw sad lion. He felt fear of God and requested zoo management to let him take away from India with him. So Mr. Lion was shifted from Indian zoo to KSA animal Kingdom.

Now he was so happy that his demands would be fulfilled as he knew that Saudis are fan of roast and cooked lamb and would present him the same. The first day he started moving in his cage with excitement, kept on moving his tale with satisfaction. When lunch time came, he was presented with a bag of peanuts. He was shocked to see but ate quietly to take it as a tradition of KSA for expats on their arrival to Kingdom. But when this practice kept on repeating by Zoo management everyday he got frustrated and asked the zoo management. What the hell? Where is lamb and cooked meat?

The management told him that Sir we are very sorry you have been residing in KSA on monkey visa and you package entitles you for only a bag of Peanuts. From that day, Mr. Lion has lost in despair and disappointment and now anyone can see his sad moods. This is not only the problem of lion in zoo of KSA. It is a common issue of all expats residing in KSA. They are treated according to their visa availability and nature instead of their personality of identity. An expat has to live his life according to the visa offered to him for entry in Kingdom.

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