Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Mosquitoes bite some people more???

Sitting in a group of 5, usually seen few of them getting irritated by numerous mosquitoes around and constantly fighting with them, trying to keep them away. Why is that so? Why some people face so many mosquitoes and not the others? It is just said may be that person is attractive for the mosquitoes and their favorite. Though this is said in a funny sense but this is actually true. There are few triggers or chemicals that attract mosquitoes. There are numerous species out there, with different stimuli who attracts them, different flying abilities and mode of blood sucking. There are many factors in your body which attracts mosquitoes towards you we have explained them below.

Why Mosquitoes bite some people more???
  1. BLOOD TYPE: Normally female mosquitoes bite to feed on human’s blood which helps in providing nutrition to their eggs. Different blood types attract mosquitoes, usually seen are blood group O members or those who are pregnant or taking high dose alcohol. Different species respond in a different way.
  2. High Cholesterol: It is also reported by scientists that people with steroids or cholesterol in high concentrations on their skin surface are more prone to mosquito bites.
  3. CLOTHING COLOR: Even mosquitoes have fashion sense, Sounds funny! They are spotted and attracted more to particular color usually dark colors such as black.
  4. Chemicals in Sweating: There are millions of compounds and chemicals present on our skin surface which is due to the composition of different sorts of bacteria existing naturally or due to some other factors which may serve as attractants. The levels of lactic acid which is the main attraction for species like Aedes aegypti, ammonia, and uric acid which is present on hot sweaty body also prove to be attractive for mosquitoes
  5. Body and Skin Smell: Body and skin smell also proves to be one factor that attracts different species of mosquitoes differently. The bacteria responsible for the aroma of Limburger cheese is also present between toes of our feet which is the key attractant for mosquito species such as Anopheles gambiae responsible for malaria worldwide.
  6. GENETIC FACTORS: In about 85% of the cases the susceptibility to mosquito bites is not due to bacteria or chemicals or any such factor. The biggest cause may only be genetically!
  7. MOVEMENT: A moving individual is more prone to mosquito bites as it is proved to be a source of delicious blood for mosquitoes.
  8. REACTION: Different people might react differently. It is also about the reaction for example 10 people might be bitten by mosquitoes at the same time but only 2 or 3 of them complained of it and the rest went unnoticed. But this doesn’t mean that the others were not bitten. It depends on the reaction.
  9. BODY HEAT: When the mosquito reaches you or is near you she might be attracted due to the body heat of the person. This is common for pregnant women, who are a bit warmer than others.
  10. CARBON DIOXIDE: Carbon dioxide is easily detectable from a far distance by mosquitoes through a special organ called maxillary palp. Everyone emits Carbon dioxide during respiration which attracts mosquitoes. During pregnancy, moms to be, emit extra CO2 than normal which keeps them at risk. This is the reason why kids are safe from bites usually coz they emit less CO2.

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