Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wife Tracking System in Saudi Arabia

In 2012 husbands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began receiving text messages, notifying them about their wives travel plans. For some husbands it seemed to be a blessing that now their wives could never run away from them and could easily be caught and for many husbands it was more like they might need psychiatrist or maybe they are married to the wrong woman. This tracking program was initiated with the hope to minimize women in the Kingdom to run away from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia either for personal reasons or for converting into other religions.

The tracking is actually done through the SIM card inside their mobile phones. For instance a woman travelling from Riyadh to Dammam will be carrying her cell phone with her. Soon after her booking and before she might board the plane her male guardians will receive a text message notifying them of their wives plans. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when the husband is travelling with they will not get the text messages, they will. At that situation it just seems embarrassing when you’ve board a plane for your honey moon and all the romance seems to fade away as your read the text.

This tracking method wasn’t actually necessary since women in the Kingdom already understand that they don’t need to take any step against husband’s will. Saudi Arabia is perhaps the only country in the world that does not permit its women to drive. Now that is something that you will surely sympathize towards. When this plan was initiated there were many husbands who criticized it on social networking sites. In fact this tracking system gave rise to a whole new campaign against it by the western countries stating that Saudi Arabia does not treat their women with justice and equality.

Though, over the years the country has evolved much that now women of their Kingdom are allowed to cast their votes and also to take part in the elections of 2015 that happens to be very time soon.  Now much of this situation has cooled down, hopefully soon there may never be need to implement such plans. This way no other organization or country could challenge the authorities of the Kingdom either!

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