Saturday, February 21, 2015

You cannot name your Kid Nutella in France

Everyone wants to name their children unique and different from the common names these days around. Due to this trend it is very famous especially in Hollywood to name children after some things, place, area, yummy food or any favorite stuff. The celebrity kids for example were named Jermajesty by Jermaine Jackson. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter was named “Apple”. “Blue Ivy” was the name given to Beyonce’s daughter while Kim Kardashian named “North West” to her daughter. Strange yet funny names, isn’t it

This is not limited to just Hollywood, the trend strengthens its roots and inspired by it the French couple decided to name their child after some food they loved the most. They took their love for Nutella to a whole new level! They thus decided it to be “Nutella”, which is the name of an Italian chocolate hazelnut spread. The local French judge in Valenciennes, northern France, didn’t show much interest in this particular name and thus banned it. He said that it was not wise enough to keep a girl’s name after a chocolate spread. It may lead to mockery, teasing and some insulting or funny, disgracing comments to that child later in her life. She might be ashamed of it. Also it was the official brand name of chocolate spread company.

Usually the French parents can freely choose the names for their children, but they need to tell it to the local prosecutors who can then report it if they feel that the name is unsuitable to a family court. So the judge took strong action against this act of the couple in September 2014. The parents didn’t turn up till the November hearing and so the judge ordered to rename the girl “Ella”.

There had been many such cases since 1993. One of the examples is of a couple in January this year in nearby town of Raismes, who wanted to name one of their children to be something original and not common. They thus wanted their daughter to be named “Fraise”, which means “strawberry” in French. The French  judge again argued on the name Fraise , which might also lead to mockery and mean something mean and insulting in slang phrase “ramène ta fraise,” which roughly means “get you’re a over here.” Obviously later in life the girl may feel disgraced. The baby girl was suggested by the judge to be renamed to “Fraisine” which was a 19th century name.

In some other case a father took legal action when trying to stop a company, particularly French car makers named “Renault” from using the name “Zoe Renault” which was his daughter’s name. Cedric Renault argued because if the car model would have been named “Zoe”, his daughter’s life would be a nightmare. After such cases there were certain rules to name children legally which French parents need to keep in their minds.

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