Sunday, March 29, 2015

12 types of people which should be banned from flying

There are various articles for explaining the etiquettes of travelling and flying and the dos and don’ts one should follow but NO! People still are not bothered and they make the other person feel miserable. They travel feeling like they own that aircraft. Here are the 12 types that should literally be banned for not following the proper etiquettes.

  1. BAREFOOT: One of the flight attendants Shawn Kathleen found it totally gross for passengers to travel barefoot on the plan! Yesss! Just imagine how weird would it feel. Why and what is the reason behind it, she says.  Not only that looks disgusting but sometimes they have smell as well which disturbs the other passenger because of the air in the plane which keeps it for long time.
  2. FEET EVERYWHERE: Covered or bare foot, in short your foot is meant to be in its place only, which is the FLOOR! To the passengers seating their feet in other’s seat or in the pouches on the front seat or everywhere besides the floor and even the eating tables, PLEASE KEEP THEM IN PLACE!
  3. EMERGENCY EVACUATION: There are few heartless selfish flyers that are noticed in situation of emergency evacuation where smoke fills the cabin but they are more bothered about their belongings to grab them. Please sir! You are creating fuss and blocking others to save their lives and putting everyone in danger.
  4. MEN GROOMING: It’s pathetic to shave in front of everyone and finding aircraft as your personal room where you start grooming yourself. It’s fine if you use the lavatory but please don’t start it openly.
  5. WOMEN GROOMING: Waxing and removing hairs in the plane during a flight that is also a big NO!
  6. LEAVING CHEWING GUM: There are few people who don’t have enough etiquette to atleast dispose off their chewing gums in dustbin rather they just simply leave it anywhere on the seat or hand rest. YUCK!
  7. TAKE OFF SHIRT: There are few people thinking of the plane as their own personal space and just take off their shirts to relax and sleep. Sir pleases! Don’t be that much comfortable, this makes others uncomfortable!
  8. NO SEATBELTS: Not wearing shirt and also not following the rules of seatbelt are also few out there. Please don’t do it.
  9. UNDER DRESSED: Yes by under dressed we mean not wearing enough. I mean, not wearing a shirt, and then also wearing such a brief bottom! What were you thinking
  10. HAIR: Some passengers leave their hair open over their seat dropping into the passengers monitor at your back and thus bothering them. Also it’s gross when they need to have food. Hair hair everywhere!
  11. SEAT MISUSE: Its quite unethical when you hang on your undergarments on your seat thinking of it as your personal wardrobe.
  12. USED DIAPERS: There are children travelling in the aircraft too and guess what! The expert mommies just leave those disgusting diapers on the floor! Oh my God I can smell it here!

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