Saturday, March 21, 2015

618 People Converted to Islam in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In accordance to a report that has been issued on Monday, 618 people from different religions and belonging to countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, France and the Philippines have embraced Islam in Riyadh. The original report from the office of Call and Guidance in northern Riyadh stated that all these men were expats working in Riyadh. Sheikh Abdul Hakim al-Jasser, who is the deputy director for the office in Riyadh, has stated that these conversions and reversions had taken place due to a series of programs being conducted in the region which consisted of several forums.

Among such forums was the “Great Promise Forum”, which was conducted to benefit the expatriates in the region and help them get a better understanding of Islam. During the 12 forums conducted, which were attended by more than 900 people, 97 of them embraced Islam after the forums.  Another such program “outreach preaching yours” is an initiative sponsored by saleh al-rajhi endowment, conducted at residences of expatriates which spanned over the duration of 3 months and comprised of 43 such missionary tours which targeted around 1300 people, resulted in 119 people embracing Islam.

The deputy director has also stated that 800 lectures and lessons have been conducted in several languages, and as of 29000 people of both genders have attended them. The office is also said to be engaged in taking their newly converted Muslims on Umrah trips, as well as distributing countless pamphlets, books and audiotapes with the teachings of Islam on them. They have also paid visits to the ailing patients in most hospitals in Riyadh. The office has also engaged their own female workers to visit female expatriate housing and female work sites, and deliver them these lectures as a result of which 34 women had embraced Islam. A total of 188 visits were made by women in regulation with the “Women’s Concern” program, there were also 21 visits to the shelter at the social affairs center. The program which was originally designed for domestic helpers resulted in 9 people embracing Islam.

According to the deputy director 507 people have benefited from such programs, and the office has distributed close to 300 gifts. He has also called for philanthropists and anyone looking to do some good, to help them increase their outreach and to help them engage more people and help spread a better knowledge of Islam and its teachings. This is one of the most beautiful ways to educate people who do not know much about Islam, especially more so because stories of forced conversions and the barbaric fate the ones who do not convert face, have surfaced from the extremist wings in Africa, Middle East and the sub continent. We need more people like the team of people currently involved in these programs, as they are preaching the beauty of Islam and people are being attracted to the beauty, which is the true essence of preaching and will help people truly understand all about Islamic teachings.

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