Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beggars Mafia in Saudi Arabia

Beggars are what melt my heart. Especially those who are young kids, around 5-10 years old and can’t even do anything on their own, I feel sorry for them. Apparently from what I’ve heard, this begging agency is a huge one! It is actually a proper industry where children are kidnapped from several villages and are brought in. They are ordered to beg and because these children are too young to call out for help or escape from this horrendous work that they are being forced to do, they have no choice except staying and begging. At least that’s what gives them enough money to have food every day! I wonder how many people give money to beggars. I do too but not that often, because I am a picky giver when it comes to beggars and before giving, I observe how they are. 

So I am not really into giving money to kids because I know the money isn’t going to them but to the idiotic agents sitting behind them. However, this one time, it really melted my heart to see a young eight year old boy shedding buckets of tears. It was upsetting and disheartening. I quickly assumed this child was kidnapped from Yemen and this is because, as much as I’ve heard from taxi and bus drivers is that these kids are MOSTLY abducted from Yemen. How sad is that? That child was helpless. I felt bad for him but didn’t give him a single penny, you all know why. I’ve also spotted women beggars on the roads with a disable person along with them. Although there ARE institutes made in Saudi Arabia for disabled or as I like to call them, differently abled people, they are limited for Saudi Nationals only so I always give a penny or two to them. I don’t prefer giving money to male beggars though unless they are super old and seem weak. Call me heartless but I do this because I know they can find food and shelter at a mosque.

I would never be in favor of a begging profession but as I see and have been told, there’s a proper gang for this filthy forced job and to surprise you further, they have detailed financial plans and objectives to gain more money. Wow! This sounds like begging is just another multinational business, looking at its prospective to earn money. Oh wait. Not earn money but make needy adults and kids forcefully do it! The Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia said how it’s always good to donate money to charity and I think that is a great idea. But because one isn’t sure of where this money is actually going, you should always do your homework and find out all about the charity whether it is actually helping out people or just gaining money for themselves. In this deceiving world today, one can never know!

I’d be grateful if anyone could list down a number of authentic charity houses and also if they let people do volunteer work with them. I know a lot of women who are foreign nationals and would love to help out these charity institutions, both in the physical and financial way.

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