Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Act of Donating Blood in Saudi Arabia

Donating blood is a noble activity and every healthy person should do that definitely. One day my foreigner friend asked me where to donate blood? And honestly I was blank. All I could think of was the hospital but I wasn’t sure about if its allowed in Riyadh or not. I wasn’t even sure if non-Muslims can donate blood to Muslims and vice versa so to find the answers I researched about it a bit which I am going to tell you in this article.

So first of all yes anyone can donate blood by his will whenever he/she wants to, by searching of some blood banks nearby. Usually family members are seen donating blood for some close ones in time of need only and not for random people. After my research I found in Saudi Arabia usually men donate blood voluntarily. Sometime back the King even made a law for everyone should donate blood that holds a driving license to keep blood in stock. So naturally women are not in this league as they can’t drive so they don’t have a license. Also there is not a proper system for females donating blood segregated with men.

Islam emphasizes on the value of life and this clarifies how noble this act of blood donation is in point of view of Islam. There is no differentiation between castes, color, and creed in our religion so life matters for all thus blood donations can be done for all. Everyone should try and donate blood so that you can save someone’s life at some point and be a life saver and for you never know when you yourself need it from someone. It is a sort of charity.

So the question arises, is there any difference between Muslim and non-Muslim blood? Of course not! In life threatening condition you are a human and blood is what you need. Anyone can donate and anyone can get it without any restrictions to save a life as soon as possible. Somewhere in Saudi hospital I heard that Saudi blood is for Saudis only. Perhaps that meant the blood from local Saudi donors and not the other view which you might have in mind as well.

Now where to donate blood? One can easily donate blood in blood banks in various hospitals. They have a complete setup and a couple of machines for aphaeresis. In Saudi there runs a Mobile Blood Donation Service as well. In Riyadh there are King Khalid University Hospital, King Fahad and King Saud Medical City, and King Abdul Aziz Medical City collecting bloods. In Jeddah you can find King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center and King Abdul Aziz Hospital.

In Dammam, there is National Guard hospital and Dammam Medical complex providing facilities. So 14th June is the world blood donor day and one can organize different campaigns and donor days for a bunch of people donating blood for saving lives! Through blood banks you can get to know the dos and don’ts of donation and after donation tips. Happy Donating!

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