Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chatting with Arab Gay on whatsapp lead to Deportation

I have been insisting my fellow expatriates living in Saudi Arabia to be careful while posting any kind of comment or status update on social media related to Saudi Arabia. It is not good to speak against government or any government official on social media or at any other forum. I have checked the discussions on some Saudi groups on facebook against Islam as well. Well, believe me if you are doing this, you are not safe in Saudi Arabia. We have highlighted many cases when Saudis as well as expatriates were imprisoned due to their wrong activities on social media. One of the readers of this blog shared his story with us when he was deported due to sending some porm pictures to another Arab Gay on whatsapp.

Story by the Deported person
I was deported from KSA very recently on March 9 after I was jailed for 1 month, because I was arrested by Muttawas as I was chatting on the social media with an Arab gay and tried to meet the person. I had finger prints in the police station and 1 policeman told me that I will be banned in all Gulf countries for 5 years.

I was chatting with an Arab gay in mobile application called whatsapp from a long time. He said he wants to meet me, I refused many times but he insisted to meet me. When it continued for a long time, I finally accepted to meet him because he was insisting so much. When I went to the meeting place in the street he called me in my mobile and while I was talking to him, 2 muttawas came from my back and arrested me. They brought me to the police station. After 2 weeks in jail they told me that I will be deported to Philippines. I was detained in the police station for 1 month and 1 week then my kafeel came and released me and deported me after 5 days.

While inside the jail I found out that the person I was chatting was also arrested by muttawas. There were many saudis inside the jail who were arrested in the same manner that I was arrested but we were chatting in different apps (whatsapp, badoo, who's here, twitter, instagram). I sent him some adult jokes, porm clips and pics which they used against me. My suggestion to general public and my fellow expatriates is stop using any social media and meet up any anonymous person from the internet. My boss told me that I was terminated by the company because I am gay based on the police report.

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