Saturday, March 28, 2015

Caught with Boyfriend in the car parked in a mall parking in Saudi Arabia

Without disclosing the name of the visitor, today I want to share her experience with you. She and her boyfriend were caught in a car talking to each other. Since it is not allowed in Islam and Saudi Arabia strictly follows the teachings of Islam, so Mutawwas caught them and took them to Jail. Read what happened to them after that. The purpose of sharing this experience is to educate the readers of this blog to not to spend time separately with any non-mahram relation. It is considered completely fine in western and Indo-Pak culture to go for long drive with cousins which comes under the category of Khilwa. Please respect the rules of the country you are living in.

Question by Visitor
I just want to know if I can still work in Qatar, Dubai or other GCC country even I went to jail in Riyadh Saudi Arabia last year. I spent 3 weeks in jail and after that my company got me out of the Jail. I am still working here in Riyadh I just want to clarify if I am blacklisted already? Because when I was in jail they make fingerprint from me.

I and my boyfriend were together in mall then we went to his car in parking area of mall. After that the Mutawa caught us and made an allegation that we were making love inside the car. Actually, we were only talking there. My boyfriend went to jail after that for 7 months. They made our medical test to check if we were really having sex but they could not find anything. They took us finger prints as well. After that I was released by police in two weeks but my boyfriends were deported after 7 months of imprisonment. Now I am concerned, if I can go to other GCC countries or they have banned me from going there.  Even they charged us for prostitution? Because I am with my boyfriend and we are not married? So what about my fingerprint Steve?

Answer by Steve
They cannot charge you for prostitution. They can charge you for Khilwa offense only since you are caught from the car. Had you been caught from a house, the case would have been different. If they had charged you for prostitution, you could have been sentenced to death till now. So, do not worry about it. Moreover, they also did the medical test and could not find anything from there.

Question by Visitor
They caught us on the car Steve and that mutawa put an allegation that we were having sex in the car. This is the reason my boyfriend went to the jail for 6,7 months. After that he was deported from Saudi Arabia. He got an opportunity to work in Qatar but he could not enter to the Qatar. Immigration officers told him that he is blacklisted to enter to any GCC country. Now I want to ask what will be the case with me? Am I also banned to visit any other GCC country?

Answer by Steve
That's weird! But I hope the case will not be same with you. If they had to blacklist you from anywhere, first option was Saudi Arabia. Since they have not banned you from Saudi Arabia, I hope there will be no ban in other GCC countries as well.

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