Sunday, March 8, 2015

Facebook Now Allows You to Choose Who Manages Your Account When You Die

It has been the thought of many people that if we die, what will happen to our Facebook account? This is because mostly everyone one this planet uses Facebook. Social media has become a common thing amongst people now be it an 8 year old kid or a 60 year old adult. Everyone is totally addicted to Facebook and the amount of users on Facebook is increasing day by day, actually minute by minute! With the rapidly increasing number of users, everyone shares their personal and social life on Facebook now. From pictures to videos to posts to inboxes to private chats, Facebook has everything and people post EVERYTHING but one worry what would happen to the account if you pass away.

We have seen quite a lot of honoring pages of people who has passed away and these pages have been created in their loving memory. So users have always wondered that what would happen to their personal accounts if they die. Well now, people have their settings to choose from to select a specific person who would take care of their account. There is also an option available that the account can be forever taken off from Facebook after they die. The former option is known as a ‘legacy contact’ where the user would choose a specific person.

Before this option was available, Facebook would completely freeze the accounts of users who were dead. However, this was not a very pleasant option created by Facebook because family members, friends and relatives who would want to post anything through their profile or for their profile would not be able to! This angered the family members very much but the recent option has become of help for the family members and friends. This new option will start operating itself first in the United States of America from Thursday, and if the option is said to be popular and successful, Facebook will soon launch this helpful option for other countries as well.

Of course it is kind of absurd for some people to know that even after someone is dead, their Facebook profile would still be operated by someone else?! But it is completely okay. At least they are not freezing it like before and the account would not be there sitting idle on the Facebook platform.

I personally think this is an amazing option. It gives the family members a chance to operate accounts of their beloved ones who have passed away. Also, the account could be completely taken off after the user is dead, this option can be set by the users themselves. It is a great initiative! Families would also be able to delete pictures and posts off from the departed person’s Facebook profile. Some families and relatives do have privacy issues with pictures still being uploaded on those profiles that are dead now. So this option is a miracle for them! Facebook has done a great job by creating this option! It will suit well to a lot of people and it is an amazing initiative.

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