Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FAQ 003: Procedure to get refund from Ministry of Interior

Sometimes it happens that you pay for fee online for something like transfer of sponsorship, change in profession or driving license but for any reason, if you decide not to go for this service, how will you get the refund of it. Here we shall provide you step by step guide of getting the refund from Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Comment 1 - Get Refund of Ministry of Interior Fee: When we click on refund, the amount is transferred to our account in 3-working days or 3-days. I have requested refund on Thursday. Next Friday and Saturday are off days. Today is Sunday. It is 3rd day since I requested refund. Kindly inform me it is 3-business days or 3-days.
Answer by Steve: It is 3 working days. This is Saudi Arabia, so be ready for delays.

Comment 2 - Get Refund of Ministry of Interior Fee: What happens to 200, how do I get that back? Please advise. If I deposit 500 and use 200 for single reentry visa, can I deposit 200 to get another multi entry visa after using the single entry visa or else how do I get the refund of 300..
Answer by Steve: You cannot take refund of SR 200. You will have to deposit SR 500 again. You cannot even use 500 deposited for multiple exit re-entry visa for single entry visa.

Comment 3: Hi Steve, what if Jawazat rejected my family visa application, can I refund my 2,000 SAR which I had deposited already through SADAD services from the ATM machine? Please I need a precise answer or if someone from this blog experienced this situation. Thank you.
Answer by Steve: Yes, you can refund it. Procedure has been explained in this article.

Comment 4: I am working as a driver in a company and now I have to go for final exit. One thing I want to know is, I have SR 5,800 in my iqama, is it refundable, if so who can get it. Please reply me at the earliest.
Answer by Steve: How do you have SR 5,800 in your Iqama? I could not understand it. I think these are deposited by your sponsor for the renewal of Iqama. No one can get it back if these are official charges for the renewal of Iqama.

Abshir Service (MOI Account)
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  2. MOI Abshir Registration through Ryadh Bank
  3. Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account
  4. Resetting Password of Abshir (MOI) Account
  5. Get Refund from Ministry of Interior (MOI)


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