Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Father’s day out in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

So it is really common in today’s advancing world that besides the mother daughter time there is a thing known as dad-kids time haha! Sounds funny but yes it is seen commonly men taking their kids out for an hour or two and taking care of them. They are playing mom’s role for some time giving them a much needed break from everything. But this trend is not much noticed in Riyadh. It is adorable to see men trying to spoon feed their children, holding their hands and walking, running with them and teaching them proper eating habits when in a restaurant. Playing with them and pushing on swings and having a fun time together is such heart melting moment.

Fathers changing nappies of their kids, taking them on drive with letting them sit in their laps, reading out their childish stories in a fun entertaining manner, watching baby TV with them and ordering kids chicky meal. Awww.. All these gestures are so heartwarming. There are a lot of reasons why such practice is not much followed in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia it is mostly thought that it’s the woman’s responsibility to take care of the house and kids and her sole duty to stay at home. Fathers are meant to earn and men are favored at all times. They have the right to have fun outside and take a break as well. Taking care of kids is not considered to be the job of men (father). But this is not the case for all of them out there

Recently I took a survey and started noticing these things in the Kingdom and to my surprise I did find dads taking care of their kids. Once I saw in mall of Riyadh, cute little boys aged around 4 or 5 years, roaming in malls along with their father. On some other occasion I noticed Dads doing grocery shopping with their kids and some keeping an eye on their children while having fun in park. Also I saw a father going into a shop from a car  picking her 3 year old girl in hands and chatting with her all this time with no accompanying female. One of my friends on dinner also told me how he baby sits his child and takes him out once a week and proves to be the best dad

At the Riyadh’s biggest cultural event named, Janadriyah, largest display of Saudi Fathering is seen when moms are busy shopping and having fun while dads taking care of children, pushing their walkers and entertaining them. I don’t know what I expected initially but after all this survey, though it is not much common here but still seen on some occasions, noticing dads taking care of their kids just changed my view.  Yes! I can proudly say not all but mostly Saudi fathers are also responsible enough to give their wives a break by sharing their load for an hour or two.

Also there is a gender segregating system in the Kingdom because of which in the “men only time” or “men only places” the male offspring can accompany the dad only while the girl is with her mum at home. God knows what that “men only” thing is. This continues to be a secret.

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