Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I got Permanent Family Visa through Istiqdam!

Mr. Khurram has shared his experience and some very useful tips of taking appointment of Istaqdam online and applying for permanent family visa. We are sharing this experience with all the visitors. We must appreciate the effort of Mr. Khurram as it will help many other expatriates. You can raise any question in the comment box below and he will be replying to you (I hope).

Alhamdulillah! I got family permanent Visa (Yellow Slip) today. Though it's a big challenge for all of us but believe me once you have all the required documents, it hardly takes 10 minutes in Istiqdam Riyadh office for the whole procedure. I was surprised when I saw only 5-6 people in the whole office as I previously heard the office is always much crowded. Even my appointment time was at 10:00 am but I reached there at 8:00 am and guess what..I got Yellow slip in hand at 8:15 am :) The officials were very kind and working in a well-organized manner. I observed that, in order to lessen the crowd, they initiated this online appointment booking system which is by the way a positive thing.

This blog was really helpful for me during the whole process and I would like to thank Mr. Steve (The Admin) who is putting his endless efforts to provide and share his maximum knowledge with us. I know many of my brothers here are either waiting for their turns or just waiting for the appointments to be opened in MOI website. By using this platform, I would like to advise to all my brothers here who are waiting for their turns to visit Istiqdam office that do re-check all your documents along with their attestations and Arabic versions. 2 tips/reminders for all of you are:

  1. Attested documents should be copied from both sides (front and back)
  2. Do not forget to take your first passport (original + photocopy of all pages) in case you renewed it. Visa number is mentioned at the time you arrive KSA so they will ask for it.

I can understand while waiting for the appointments and checking on website again and again is damn irritating as I suffered too. A useful tip for my brothers who are waiting for the appointments to be opened at their respective regions is: Please keep checking the website every day time-to-time and don’t just rely on Sundays. About 4 weeks back I got the appointment for Riyadh Istiqdam for 26 April (Oh..Damn) but last week they opened it on Wednesday at around 4:00 pm with just one week gap and I updated mine so you never know when miracle can happen. There are no shortcuts to get the appointment soon so have patience and keep trying and praying.

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