Friday, March 20, 2015

How to do Wall Painting in Saudi Arabia?

A little bit of color in life is essential.  Blank walls are boring and make a room look dark and gloomy. The art of adding colors to the wall is known as wall painting. A painted building looks beautiful and attracts people to see it. Whereas a building without paint seems boring and doesn’t catch anyone’s eye. Wall painting is an important part in architectural work. People living in the nearby areas, of the painted building will feel relaxed and a cozy environment. The wall painting of the building will give positive vibes.

Let’s have a look at the wall painting method. Before painting the wall, measure the walls to know how much paint is needed to purchase. Wash the wall with few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water on a sponge. Numerous wall painting tools will also be required. Plastic paper for protection, a paint brush or a paint roller (for speeding up the work) , a Ladder will be essential , a dust cloth , a brush comb to clean paint brushes and a masking tape to protect window panes.

The wall painting material required will be wall paint of the desired color. The method of wall painting starts from cleaning the wall with a sponge to remove all dirt, dust and impurities. Next cover all the furniture, items and floor with the protection paper or a drop cloth. Use a palmir material and smoothen the wavy parts of the walls, wait until it dries up. Check the level of the wall is smooth enough. Use a special paint for priming the walls. Make sure it results in smooth walls. Apply the finishing wall paint using the material specified by the consultation but only after the prime has dried.

Nowadays lots of wall painting ideas are available. Some of them can be done at home by ourselves with a little bit of guidance from the internet. For women in Saudi Arabia, it is not easy to contact a male painter and get the work done without the husband in house; therefore they themselves could paint their houses and make them look beautiful. Some ideas for wall painting include painting chevron patterns or stripes of different colors with the help of stencils or masking tape for straight stripes. Patterned rolling brushes are also easily available in the market and can be used for painting designs on the walls.

Masking tape and paint together can make wonders. Stick masking tape on the wall in an abstract pattern and then paint over it, after the paint dries peel off the masking tape. This will make a new pattern for you wall. Pattern of check also look beautiful on a wall. A painted quotation on a wall seems admirable as well. Paint pens are readily available which helps to make your simple wall into a signature wall. Painting the walls in different solid colors is a great trend in this modern age. And it adds a great sophisticated look to your room. Reusable wall stencils are very cost efficient and so much easier to use, yielding great results. Painting kid’s room walls with different color wall paints makes the room look lively and energetic for the kids to play in.  “Creativity is allowing you to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” Scott Adams

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