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How to do Wood Painting in Saudi Arabia?

Nowadays lots of wood painting ideas are available. Some of them can be done at home by ourselves with a little bit of guidance from the internet. For women in Saudi Arabia, it is not easy to contact a male painter and get the work done without the husband in house; therefore they themselves could paint their houses and make them look beautiful. One trillion tons of wood is available on earth and around 10 billion tons are grown per annum. Wood is used in our everyday lives. It is a highly versatile material and has been used throughout history. Despite a vast number of alternative materials, wood has remained a preferred choice when it comes to a variety of applications. Wood has been used for building furniture for a very long time; it is also used for flooring, construction of buildings and also building ships. Wood has also been used to make artwork, as the canvas is usually made of wood, as well as the frame. Musical instruments, sports equipment, tools and toys are also made using wood.

Construction with wood also allows us to personally customize our creations. Painting wood has been a tradition for customizing wood since many years. If someone is interested in painting wood they would need a number of tools and materials;

Tools required for painting wood:
  1. Plastic sheet/ protection paper
  2. Coarse and smooth Sandpaper
  3. Scrapper
  4. Cloth
  5. Paintbrush

The materials used in painting wood include:
  1. Prime paint
  2. Wood material
  3. Wood paint
  4. Putty

There are a number of methods to paint wood adequately, but if you want an immaculate and perfect application of paint on your wooden creations, it is important to follow the following steps;
  1. Clean the wooden surface, remove the dust or anything else using cloth or sandpaper
  2. Protect the materials surrounding your wood, so that you may avoid painting over them.
  3. Use the scrapper to apply putty to the wood and wait until it’s dry.
  4. Smooth the wooden area which has been applied with putty, using the smooth sandpaper.
  5. This will allow the surface to be completely even and without any dents or cracks.
  6. Just to be sure, check the smoothness of the wooden area.
  7. If you are satisfied with the texture of the wood, then only apply your prime paint.
  8. Make sure that the paint has been smoothly applied.
  9. Apply the specified Wood paint and wait until dry.
  10. Finally ensure that the end product, when dry, is smooth.We can use the techniques given above to paint our furniture as it will give it a nice personalized touch. We can also paint children’s toys (but in this case we must also make sure the paint is nontoxic). 

We can use it to customize any musical instruments that we may have, and many artists have been known to customize their instruments themselves by painting them. Wooden walls which are exposed to harsh UV rays lose their color over time as it fades away. Wood paint can be used to cover up the harmful effects of the UV rays or to simply make the walls look more beautiful. Wood painting allows us to choose the type of color we want on our wooden flooring too, and we can set the floor color according to the room’s d├ęcor.

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