Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to reduce Hatred for Muslims at Individual Level

Many believers from other religions such as Christians, Hindus and Jews are against Muslims and there teachings. They sort of bear hatred towards the Muslim men and women that is why there is need to show them what we are and the positive aspects of Islam and Muslims. We should clear there mind through our polite act, by staying calm at all decisions and matters and try to reduce hatred from their minds and being kind to them. We can do so by following few simple steps which might help in reducing their hatred towards Muslims.

We as Muslims should try to interact with people from other religions as much as possible. A Muslim man or woman should not ignore or move out of a crowd of non-Muslims (Christians, Hindus or Jews) thinking that it is awkward. There is no harm in interacting with them infact it gives a good opportunity to leave a positive impact on them.

  1. While interacting with non-Muslims, talk about your religion and the beautiful teachings. Do not forcibly tell them but explain to them the positive sides.
  2. Tell them what our Prophet PBUH taught us and left for us to follow, his words and actions that always denoted and appreciated brotherhood, peace and companionship.
  3. Our prophet PBUH sacrificed his life for the sake of mankind.
  4. Muslims are polite and they are taught to be kind according to the teachings of Islam.
  5. They do well with everyone even non-Muslims and they preach respect, love, charity and humbleness.

  1. Being a Muslim, when making decisions or thinking anything in any aspect, make it loud and clear.
  2. Clarify everything specially your religion and give reasons.
  3. Solve all the misconceptions in the minds of others because usually non-Muslims consider Islam to be a violent religion which is strict and kills others in the name of Jihad. But that’s not the case. Jihad is basically killing the evil inside you only. 
  4. So clear up by talking it out and don’t leave a single thread of doubt in their minds.

  1. Feel proud of yourself as a Muslim and don’t be shy. Thank Allah you are born as a Muslim in a Muslim family.
  2. Whenever a disbeliever asks you something about Islam, do not hesitate.
  3. Tell them whatever you know clearing them the fact that Islam preaches the TRUTH and lying is considered as a sin.
  4. We are clear honest people. If you don’t know answer to the question, don’t make stories yourself because Allah is watching you!

  1. If a non-believer is in a doubt, they should consult a sheikh or Islamic scholar to clear up their minds regarding any misconception.
  2. Explore the religion and understand the teachings.
  3. You will definitely feel good and light because Islam is an easy religion if followed correctly which is fair for all.

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