Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Track the Current Location of Iqama Holder of Saudi Arabia

The trick which I am going to tell you today will enable you to check many details of any Iqama holder including his location. Yes, now you can check the location of any Iqama holder through the procedure I am going to elaborate later on. It is possible that you want to meet a certain person but he excuses you for any reason like he is not in Kingdom etc. or someone does not come to office and claims that he is on leave to his home country, now you can check his exact location very easily. I have explained below the procedure to check the exact location of any iqama holder below. You might be thinking this is illegal or something like that. No buddy, this is a system launched by the government of Saudi Arabia. So, you can track the current location of iqama holder without any worry. I checked it for the iqama of my two friends and it gave me correct results.

How to check Number of Sponsorship Transfers of Iqama Holder
If you are not sure how many times your sponsorship has already been transferred, you can now check it very easily through the procedure explained above. It is important to mention here that the fee of transfer of sponsorship depends upon the number of transfers. The fee for the transfer of sponsorship for the first transfer is SR 2,000/-. The fee for the transfer of sponsorship of second transfer is SR 4,000/- and fee for all the next transfers is SR 6,000/-.

Procedure to Get SMS Notification of Iqama Expiry Date
Iqama Expiry Date is written on your Iqama and you can just read it anytime. You should have understanding about all the details mentioned on your Iqama and we have guided our readers in detail about it in this link “Knowing Details of Your Iqama”. In case you do not have access to your Iqama and want to know about Iqama Expiry Date, there are two method of getting this information. You can check it online through Ministry of Interior Website as well as SMS Notification. We have already explained about the procedure to check Iqama Expiry Date online using MOI Website in this link “How to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online”. Today, we shall be sharing with you the procedure to get SMS Notification of Iqama Expiry Date.

Get SMS Notification of Profession Change
We have already explained the way of checking the current profession of your iqama in the following link “Check Status of Change of Profession Online using MOI System”. If you don’t have this excess or you want to check the current profession of someone else, you can do it by following the procedure I have explained below.

Secret to get all of this in one shot
All the above information can be obtained in one shot using the following procedure. You will have to type this code in your text message and send it to the designated numbers as per your mobile operator. The cost of the SMS is just SR 1.50.

Code: 12*Sponsor ID*IqamaID Example    12*1234567890*0987654321
  • STC: 888994
  • Mobily: 624444
  • Zain: 709444

For example if you are using ZAIN, you will have to type 12*5862487218*9542626426 in a message and send it to 709444. Soon you will receive a message containing the all above information.

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