Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Use Facebook as a Muslim?

Social media these days has progressed a lot! Different social websites and communities are of much hype these days. Among these are Facebook, twitter, orkut, google+, my space and many more!  These are used by millions and billions of people all around the globe regardless of the gender, caste, color and religion.  Muslims specially should take care while using such social media sites specially Facebook not because it being anti-Islam but the real reason is that Muslims have so much more important stuff to do in their surroundings. They should not be responsible for any disgrace to the Muslim community therefore they need to be cautious. If you keep the following tips in mind as a muslim you can use it without disturbing your religious life!

  1. Time is of great importance in Islam and its value should not be wasted! Don’t log in and disturb the timings of your Salah (you might forget to pray or delay your prayers because of it)
  2. Do not spend excessive time on Facebook forgetting your religion. Also log out before azaan and prayers.

Islam is not that conservative or biased. Islam is a religion that welcomes people of all gender in all walks of life regardless of the caste, color and creed. So that makes it obvious that you can friend a non-Muslim on facebook, be it Christian, Jews or other non-believers. This provides a platform for a healthy social discussion as well as a route to spread Islam online.

  1. Rather than using this social networking site for having fun and viewing other’s profile and chatting, you can use it in a better way.
  2. Share Islamic quotes, verses, hadiths and good points that create awareness among others. If there are non-Muslims in your profile that will be a plus point and that sharing of yours might inspire them sometime or clicks them in mind somewhere.
  3. Videos on bayaan and lectures of Islamic scholars might be an eye opener for the disbelievers and may strengthen the beliefs of other Muslims.
  4. This can also clear one’s mind regarding any misconception in our religion.
  5. Share no matter how minor it is. You never know what might click someone.
  6. As our Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that the best one of us is the one getting knowledge and spreading it among others.

  1. Being a Muslim you should be extra careful while interacting with other people of the opposite gender. You have space and opportunity to learn, interact and spread knowledge. You can discuss and share your ideas with each other but keep that only till the limit of religion or general things.
  2. Don’t take it to the other side, beyond the limit line.
  3. Do not get involve in erotic romantic chats and acts online or offline.
  4. This thing is totally Haraam. If you think you can’t control yourself, then just don’t friend them to avoid any sin.

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