Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miss Congeniality Contest in Saudi Arabia

Beauties this time are judged on the bases of inner heart and not physical one! Yes that’s true. Shocked?  This is what actually needs to be done, judging someone on the bases of inner self instead of outer physical beauty. This beauty competition is a revolutionary one in Saudi Arabia. As previously said they are not judged on the bases of their color and style, dressing with expensive gowns or their makeup and looks. In fact the contestants cover themselves with black robe and an Islamic veil.  This rare beauty competition based on the inner beauty was held in Al-Qatif which is in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. It is measuring morals based on Islamic commitments.

There were a total of 385 participants. The first position of Miss Moralist was secured by Hashimiya Al-Radi. She is a nursing student who is 22 years old. There were two runner ups in the competition as well named Suhaila Al-Shawaf which was 17 years old and Zahra Salman Al-Awa which was 19 years old.  The ceremony took place in the King Abdullah National Banquet Hall located in Al-Qatif. The ceremony was graced by the presence of almost 500 women from various fields, every walk of life and nationality. The guest of honor was Latifa Al-Tamimi which is the President of the Office of Social Affairs in Al-Qatif. She was highly overwhelmed by this noble event. She told that it was fourth year of this competition and she would love to see it progress and prosper and continue every year with announcing more of the Miss Moralists and increase their morale and motivate them

It has a positive impact on the community. In fact this thing should be introduced throughout the Kingdom in every city and village. It brings out the best in people, especially women and it is ethically acceptable as well. There should be a similar competition for men as well she added. Good is not finished from the society as yet; we just need to trigger it a bit. After the competition is announced, the registrations are opened. Young Women throughout the city participate and get registered. They are then followed closely for few months to check and evaluate them.   They are enrolled in various training and educational programs and they apply their expertise, Islamic education, social science, psychology, child development and human rights affairs.

There are quizzes and their inner strength is discovered. After when all the programs are completed these women are evaluated and assessed.   The contestants should take part in voluntary work. They face a series of questionnaire by the judges as well.  The woman serving the best to her community, fulfilling all the criteria is given the title of “Miss Morals”. The administrator and co-founder of the competition, Khadra Al-Mubarak said that it is through this contest that they celebrate morals and values displayed by the participants and wishes to keep it alive in the community.

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