Thursday, March 26, 2015

Practicing Islam in Short SHORTS

How you perceive Islam even being a Muslim depends greatly on how and what you have been taught about the religion, about God and about his teachings. Some parents believe it is necessary to instill fear into their child to follow religious and social norms, while some believe that if a child understands why they should follow something, they would be more inclined to do so rather than being pushed into it unwillingly.  As stated by Abu Hurayra “religion is ease”. We understand from this hadith that God allows us to be at ease when it comes to our religion, so why is it that some of us are taught to fear the repercussions of god if we do not follow his way, when we have also been taught that he is most merciful.

Should we not be taught that these guidelines that Islam has set are a way of leading better lives, and if we do not lead our lives according to these simple guidelines then inadvertently we will do the wrong thing? There are clear examples in our daily lives of instances when some Muslims blatantly disregard some of the teachings of Islam, while focusing solely on a few teachings. For instance if a man is wearing shorts above the knee some people might stare and if a woman is showing a little bit of skin some people might get offended even. The same people getting offended, they are most definitely involved in basic activities that God asks us to refrain from. For example they may be involved in talking behind people’s back which has become a common occurrence these days and has been prohibited by Islam.

However they always choose to ignore their own deeds and focus more on the other person. We all also have bank accounts in banks that do not follow Islamic banking laws and give a set percentage return, is that not going against Islamic teachings. Although it is necessary for women to be veiled, as we have been taught this by God, it is not any person’s duty to insult her or force her to take a veil. If she is wearing shorts or any other form of clothing which may be too revealing, we can only pray for her and hope that one day the woman listens to the call of God, and may she willingly take the veil one day.  We have to realize that God has given us these guidelines in Islam so that we may become better human beings and lead better lives. We should look at others free of judgment, anger or any resentment because we have to only be accountable for ourselves and no one else.

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