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Procedure to Get Postal Address in Saudi Arabia

The biggest shock I had to receive when I moved to Saudi Arabia was non-availability of any home address. Yes, the office address was available but if I had to ask for a delivery at my home, there was no address available. But that time has passed. Now you can receive the mails at your doorstep in Saudi Arabia. But in order to receive your mails at your doorstep, you will have to register your address in Saudi Post using Wasel Aalami. You can find the procedure of registration to Wasel Aalami in Saudi Post below.

Getting Building Number in Saudi Arabia
  1. In order to get postal address in Saudi Arabia, the first step is to know about four digit code of your building or building number. I know, most of us don’t know about it but I will be telling you two ways to get the building number. Open this website It will be opened in Arabic. Your web browser will ask you to allow the website to share your location and you will have to allow it. The website will start locating your computer and finally a blue dot will be appearing on a 4 digit building number. This is your building number so please note it down. It will be used in future. You can confirm your building number on map by the procedure I am going to tell you in the below paragraph.
  2. Second way to get building number is a bit tricky as you will have to open this website again and click on English. A selection menu will appear from where you will have to select your Region, City and district. Map will zoom up and you will have to locate your building in the map. If you have already got your building number from the first method, just enter this building number on the left hand side tab and search for it. If it searches for more than one building with the same number, you will have to get the additional number as well. For example, in the below screenshot my building number is 7879 and additional number is 2648. Now search again with same criteria and it will locate only your building.

Visit the Branch of Saudi Post for the registration of Wasel Aalami
  1. Now you have the information about your region, city, district, building number and additional number. So the next step is to go to the nearest Saudi Post office for the registration of Wasel Aalami. Nearest post office of Saudi post can be traced very easily from the same map. It will appear with the icon shown in the above screenshot.
  2. Once you have reached the nearest Saudi Post office, you will have to search for the appropriate counter. Appropriate counter in your case is Wasel Aalami.  You need to provide them with your Region, City, District, Building Number, Additional Number, Floor number, flat number, mobile number and Iqama number. They will complete the registration of the postal mailing address and soon you will receive the SMS. However, the SMS might be in Arabic. They will also give you a print out of your registered mailing address.
  3. According to the above screenshot, my postal address in Saudi Arabia is
    • 7879 Yahya Al-Anbari Ad Dar-Al-Baida, Riyadh 14518 - 2648
  4. The paper will also be containing your Wasel Aalami number which can be used for the free shipment from

Important Note from the website of Saudi Post
We would like to inform you that as per regulations, we will not be able to ship perfumes, hazardous materials, cosmetics and liquid materials. This will apply starting from 01.07.2013 G. (22.08.1434 H.) Please note that Saudi Post will not be responsible for any such shipment(s) coming to your address after the above-mentioned date. Such goods will not be shipped to you, nor returned to the sender. 

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