Friday, March 27, 2015

Saudi divorced his wife due to her Whatsapp Status

Marriage requires hard work and dedication to your partner. It should be the goal of the couple to make the marriage work, through thick and thin. Some people consider marriage bliss; they consider their partners as their best friend and enjoy their married life. Then there are those who find it a dreaded affair and do not get along with their partners at all. It is a person’s responsibility not to give a reason to their partner to complain about, and make sure they are happy. So it comes as a surprise or rather a shock when we hear that a man from Dammam has divorced his wife, because of a Whatsapp status.

The man reportedly saw her wife’s whatsapp status as “I pray to be patient enough to put up with you” followed by his initials, and didn’t appreciate his wives actions. He claims to have gotten confirmation of what the status meant from a relative, who confirmed it to be an insult directed towards him. The man did not like the fact that all his friends, their wives and relatives could see that she was unhappy with him. He claims their marriage was already on the rocks, before the incident, and this wasn’t the first time she had publicly ridiculed him. So to prevent any more damage the man decided to divorce her.

According to the deputy director of the family development center in the Eastern Province, Khalid Al-Halibi, social media is the leading cause of divorce in the present days and that couples who are insulting each other on social media are already in an advanced stage in their conflict. He also stated that the wife unknowingly insulted the husband, as it was more of a mental release. Also stating that the dispute could have been handled a better way and resolved with dialogue.

Abdulmunim Al-Subaie, a Lawyer from the Eastern Province, has stated that divorce rates are at an all time high. He also states that each divorce case is unique, and the general causes of divorce cannot be identified. He confirms the fact that social media is responsible for most divorces lately. The lawyer, who specializes in divorce cases, usually gives the couple a cool down period, where they can think things through with a cool head, before undergoing final proceedings.

We blatantly blame social media for breaking up marriages, but do not understand that social media, is a portrayal of our lives for everyone else to see. It may not be entirely the fault of the social media, as we choose what parts of our lives it displays. Couples should learn how to operate their social media accounts; keeping in mind their significant others might not like something they share. They should learn that since they are a married couple in real life, they should portray such through their actions on social media. Proper use of the social media may even result in social media losing its spot as the cause of most divorces

Source: Saudi Gazette

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