Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saudi Men are no longer choice of Saudi women – Samar Al Muqren

The Saudis are notoriously famous for their expensive and luxurious taste. They demand the best of everything whether it is automobiles, fashion or other luxury items. It is a fact that even average everyday products have been customized by the Saudis to keep up with their exquisite lifestyle. Examples of this can be found in their everyday lives, with their gold phones and tablets, humongous buildings and skyscrapers and also their gold supercars. There is nothing wrong with maintaining such a lifestyle, if you have the means of doing so. Well, there is only a small proportion of Saudis who live this lifestyle. Most of the Saudis are not that rich and they live a humble lifestyle.

This lifestyle however comes with a cost. Just like their expensive taste in life, Saudi people are known for their fine taste in finding a life partner. This has become a great problem, so much so, that some women in Saudi Arabia have stated that they may choose to remain spinsters, rather than getting married. Samar Al Muqren, a prominent Saudi female activist and writer, has openly defended women and their choice of being more selective in marriage. She also states that some Saudi women no longer see local men as their only choice. She has also criticized Saudi men for their disrespectful treatment of unmarried women. She has stressed on the fact that a majority of local women have become spinsters out of their own accord, because they refuse to have life partners from themselves.

Samar has written on her twitter page that Saudi women are now looking at marriage as a means of achieving a safe and stable family life. She has also stated that members of the Saudi society still look at local women, who have decided not to get married, with pity. Most of these women have not been able to find a suitable man.

Sada, an Arabic language daily newspaper, has stated that women prefer to remain single, rather than getting married to someone who is not of the same intellectual level. Women have started to read, write, search and interact with people from all nationalities directly and through various social networking forums. The world is an open field now, which is constantly changing. This has allowed women to also adapt in accordance to the ever changing world.

Even though some Saudi women have lost interest in getting married to local men, this does not mean that Saudi men are simply below average. Research indicates that Saudi men have an average IQ of 93.73 which means that they are of normal or average intelligent. People with an IQ of 89 and below are deemed to be dull. Saudi women cannot put the blame on the shortcomings of Saudi men, as Saudi men have proved their worth, by making their country into a superpower.

The western media and portrayal of people is also very important in this case. Women are shown an image of western men as being more appealing than local men. While local men are portrayed by the media to be not interesting and have a vague personality, with their wealth being their only strong point.
Source: Emirates News

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