Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saudis are Mideast’s Biggest Coke Drinkers

Soft drinks industry has faced a healthy growth in Saudi Arabia. This can be due to the increase in population which in turn causes new stores and hypermarkets opening. One of the leading brands in beverage’s industry is Coca Cola. It has more than 3500 beverages and 500 brands. Coca cola zero introduced in Middle East for weight conscious consumers with fewer calories and indistinguishable taste was a good addition to its range. Well, it is introduced in Middle East due to the health conscious mindset of people. It is important to mention here that it is only their mind which is health conscious, generally people in Saudi Arabia are not health conscious.

New themes are advertised every year by Coca cola which in turns intrigues the youth. In Islamic fasting month, Ramadan, people tend to consume more Coca cola while breaking the fast to quench their thirst. The Coca cola bottling company of Saudi Arabia (CCBCSA) had 30% of soft drink market in Saudi Arabia in year 2000. Their extensive distribution throughout the Kingdom causes the readiness of availability unlike other US based drinks which are difficult to find.

After the end of boycott in 1991, Coke made huge investments to resume its sales in Saudi Arabia. By 2012, Coca cola also donated to Ensan (a charitable society for orphans care) at an event in Riyadh for almost five consecutive years to spread happiness and joy among the under privileged children. Coca cola is all over the youth football tournament. It celebrates globally the passion for football among teens. The teens of Saudi Arabia will get a chance to pursue their passion and dream for football. This tournament is open for teens in the age limit of 13 to 15 years. One national final will take place in Riyadh on 28 of March.

Being an international brand comes with lots of privileges. Coca cola has approximately more than 60 million fans on its main Facebook page. One of the ability of being a celebrity brand is to leave its Facebook page unattended while many other brands like Red bull tends to update more often, keeping its followers entertained. The brand value of coke has been estimated to $81.6 billion in 2014 and has retained its 3rd position in Inter brand annual ranking.

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