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9 Crucial Factors which contributed to the success of AlBaik Restaurant

As talked about one business, it is now time to shed some light upon one of the best local businesses ever started in Saudi Arabia and most of you must have already guessed the name, yes it is AlBaik that I am talking about. If you have ever visited or lived in Jeddah, you are bound to have tried AlBaik at least once! This local fast food chain is in business since 1974 and has small outlets in Makkah, Madinah, Taif and Yanbu. It is operating since the last 35 years that too very successfully. AlBaik has said to have the highest market share in this industry of eateries although a very high competition of international brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut etc. However, no business has ever become successful with ease. Just like that, read below to find out the real recipes of AlBaik’s success. Also Read: 13 Un-known facts About Albaik

  1. Taste: The most important factor in the unprecedented success of AlBaik in Saudi Arabia is their taste. Obviously, no restaurant can grow in the manner AlAbaik has grown without having public likeness about their taste. The fact of the matter is that, I also like to AlBaik every now and then. Also Read: The World Famous Albaik - Secret Broast Recipe
  2. Adapting with Trends: Initially, there was no spicy flavor in their menu. Keeping in view a large population of expatriates from subcontinent who generally likes spicy food, they introduced Spicy flavor which has proven to be a big hit.
  3. Latest Technology: As you can see in the above picture, Albaik restaurant remains very crowded most of the times. Now they have introduced the system to order Albaik online using internet and credit card. In this way, you don’t have to wait there in the queue when you go to collect your order. Also Read: Procedure to Order Albaik Online
  4. Cheap Price: AlBaik has been serving the most delicious fried chicken EVER that too in a very low and affordable price and this is what attracts most customers as AlBaik has not lowered down their standard. Also Read: The World Famous Albaik Garlic Sauce Recipe
  5. Easy locations: AlBaik has opened up their outlets in several places and especially in a lot of areas in Jeddah where it is easy for people to reach and this is why all AlBaik outlets are jam packed with hungry customers!
  6. Quality service: Be it quick service, hygiene or customer’s suggestions, AlBaik masters in everything and is one of the many restaurants that added items in the menu according to what the customers wanted.
  7. Trusting the brand: AlBaik is a very famous brand with a lot of strength, be it in the number of outlets they have or by measuring how great of an impact has it made on its customers. AlBaik, from the start has sent out messages to their customers about ease, great taste, less price, quick and efficient service and being socially responsible. The team behind AlBaik has done this through strong and effective ways of advertising, having relations and commuting with the public and of course by telling customers the story about their brand. There should always be some secret left for the customers to be curious about, like the great taste behind the chicken and such stories are pretty common in brands like KFC or Coca Cola etc.
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR is said to be the SOLE objective for a business and AlBaik is one of the many businesses that follows up to CSR. AlBaik has had helped socially like providing free meals to Hajj pilgrims and also to those poor people who experienced the Jeddah floods. AlBaik has also started a no-smoking policy in their restaurants and is working towards a safer and healthier city to live in.
  9. Determination: In the end, it is obviously not easy for any business to top the international eateries and AlBaik has to face several difficulties as they have to consider opening outlets and expanding their market to cities besides Jeddah as well and also consider opening up abroad. Not only that, they have to work towards a safer eating option as FRIED chicken is not obviously super healthy!  If you are hungry after reading this article then trust me so am I! So let’s go out and enjoy AlBaik! Also Read: Why Albaik’s Growth is limited to Jeddah, Makkah and Madina?

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