Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Tips to date a Muslim woman

Dating is really common these days. It’s basically when you are more than friends with someone and seeing someone. You may or may not have the intention to marry that particular person. This is the reason why this is forbidden in Islam. Also the core reason is that having a relationship involving romance with a non-mahram is completely not allowed in Islam. Besides the fact, some Muslim men and women still date each other.  Islamic rules and laws should be followed strictly, that’s how you are going to be a good Muslim, but sadly few of them don’t follow it correctly, the way they should! So they are open to date. Following are some tips for those for dating a Muslim woman

  1. First of all you should have some knowledge about the religion of the other person.
  2. You should have enough information so start exploring and try to understand. This way you will be more comfortable to approach a Muslim woman because that will give sort of an idea about her views and priorities.
  3. Also this subject will provide you with a topic besides the fact that you have a crush on her.
  4. Few more topics for first time conversation might include the importance of modesty and her opinion about American Muslim women and the reason for pork being forbidden in this religion.

  1. Try her to make your friend. Approaching her directly with a proposal or the fact that you have a crush on her will have a negative impact on her. This might make her feel awkward that how can a complete stranger approach like this. This can drift her away.
  2. By making her friend, you will build a trust in the relation which is the key element needed. You both will be more comfortable in knowing each other and proceeding with the next step.

Don’t just jump to tell her what you feel after the first conversation. Let time pass to get comfortable with each other. Find chances to have more conversations and know her.

After few conversations, it is time that you tell her about your intentions clearly.

After you telling your intentions, there are high chances for the Muslim woman to reject the proposal. But if she says YES! Then Bravo! DATE!

  1. If she rejects your proposal and says NO! Follow the steps told next.
  2. We know it’s not easy to bear with the rejection especially from some one you like but understanding is the main key for any relation. Respect her choice. The main expected reason for rejection is because she is a Muslim woman and she does so because of her beliefs.

After she knows about your real intentions she might drift away. Ask her to stay friends only.

After trying a bit if her answer doesn’t change, move on! Leave her now and forget her. She is a devoted Muslim and there is no use wasting your time because she is a strong believer.

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