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10 Things to do in Riyadh Outdoors Desert Treks

Bored during spring time? Well spring is the best time to be outdoors and Riyadh offers great hiking and camping trips, along with many other activities, that one can indulge in during spring. Here is a list of top 10 activities in Riyadh in spring;

10 Things to do in Riyadh Outdoors Desert Treks
The International Riyadh Book Fair: The fair usually starts by the first week of March and goes on for about two weeks. It is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm and is located at Riyadh International Exhibition Center. The English books section boasts a wide array of books, there is also a female only section and children’s activity and books area.
The desert is a great place to go as spring will make the desert cooler and the flowers will also bloom. The easy parts to reach in normal cars are the Red Sands area on Mecca highway and Thumamah sand dunes in the north.
The National Museum. There is an annual cultural festival hosted here which showcases recovered national antique treasures. If you are not a big fan of museums, the parks and fountains around the museum prove perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Compound Functions. For the expat women there is a monthly coffee get-together in compounds such as Kingdom, Cordoba and Ranco. There are also crafts markets and bazaars which cater to families and are held at some embassies.
Fan of Horse races? Visit the Riyadh Equestrian Club; although you cannot bet on the horses, you can still enjoy the races. The seating arrangements include singles, families and also a VIP section. Additionally you can rent out your own room with a private view and brunch. The club is open for all, and the races begin after ASR prayers on Friday.
Watch or participate in a golf tournament. The Dirab Golf and Country Club is one of the most exquisite courses in all of Riyadh and they also host gold tournaments in the spring.

Fancy running? Start running with the Riyadh Road Runners, their season continues until end of April and all runners are welcome.
Exercise walks in the desert are the new big thing amongst expats. If you know someone who is involved in this, get yourself involved too.
For family fun for everyone you can join the Saudi Geocoachers. They provide interesting desert activities like treasure hunting, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Last but certainly the most mind blowing event on this list, the Janadriyah Festival. It is the biggest folklore and cultural heritage festival ion all of Saudi Arabia.

There you have it, the best things to do if you are bored during spring in Riyadh. It does not matter if you are with family or alone, this list must have given everyone at least one interesting event which they would like to attend or an activity that they would like to get involved in. Stop getting bored start getting involved, people.

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