Tuesday, 28 April 2015

13 Reasons, why King Salman is the world’s best leader

King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is the new King of Saudi Arabia, head of the house of Saud, and the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. He previously served as the deputy governor and then governor of Riyadh for 48 consecutive years from 1963 to 2012. King Salman was crowned as the new King of Saudi Arabia on 23 January 2015 after the demise of his half-brother, King Abdullah.In the short time that he has been King, the people of Saudi Arabia have already begun to see a change in governance policies towards the better. People have welcomed him with open arms and are hopeful that Saudi Arabia will progress even more under the new King’s rule. Here are the top reasons why King Salman is being welcomed with open arms by his country’s citizens;

  1. King Salman has openly been supportive of women throughout his life. As Jeddah has become the centre point for all important meetings, you can easily see the increase in the number of women attending such meetings, and participating in discussions.
  2. King Salman is a sharp man who is always aware of what is going on around him. He is also a well travelled man, with a modern approach to life.
  3. Since his rule began he has become a symbol for religious tolerance, humanity and equality.
  4. He cares deeply for his people.

  5. He always keeps the interest of Muslim Ummah first; everything else is secondary for the King.
  6. He has shown many instances; when he has not followed other world leaders blindly, and has in fact set the way, for many world leaders to follow him, in his short time as King.
  7. He is a man with a great heart; his love for his nation and its people is an example of this.
  8. He has a broad vision for his governance and for his people.
  9. He has helped bridge the gap between different countries in the gulf region.
  10. Even outside the gulf region he has kept exceptional relationship with all other countries.
  11. He has personally gotten involved in development projects in Saudi Arabia.
  12. He has displayed clear examples of his honesty, during his nearly half a century long rule as governor.
  13. He is known to be an avid reader and a deep thinker.

King Salman has already started giving back to his people, according to reports the total give-away will cost around $32 billion. These included grants to sport clubs and associations, investments in electricity and water; and additionally gave out two month bonus salaries to all government employees, pensioners, students and soldiers. Some private companies have also followed the King’s footsteps and given out bonuses, giving a few more billion dollars to the people. We can clearly see why the people of Saudi Arabia are so happy with their new King. His attributes are that of a wise King, whose reign will last for a long time.

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