Sunday, April 19, 2015

16 Things which Rich People do Everyday

Don’t we all wish to be rich? Ok, not all, but most of us wish to have the monetary power to purchase anything we desire. We often try to imitate the way the rich talk, dress and walk. However there have been findings about similarities amongst the habits of rich people, which make us wonder. Are these habits the reason they are so rich? Habits of poor people were also compared and similarities among them were also found. Some of these habits are;

  1. 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories every day, while 52% of them gambled. However in comparison, 70% of the wealthy consume less than 300 junk food calories per day, while only 23% of them gamble.
  2. 12% of the poor focus on finishing a task or achieving some goal, while 80% of the wealthy focus on accomplishing their goal.
  3. 5% of poor people heard audio books on their way to work, in comparison to 63% of the wealthy people who hear radio books on their way to work.
  4. 76% of the rich people exercise at least four days a week and only 23% of poor people do this.
  5. 63% of rich parents make their children read at least two books a month, in comparison to 3% of the poor parents.
  6. 19% of poor maintain a to-do list. Although 81% of wealthy people reportedly do so.

  7. 80% of the rich make Birthday calls while only 11% of the poor do so.
  8. 70% of rich parents encourage their children to volunteer at least 10 hours however only 3 percent of poor parents do so.
  9. 2% of poor people read something informative every day for 30 minutes while 88% of the wealthy do so.
  10. 17% of the poor write down their goals, although 67% of the wealthy do the same.
  11. 86% of the wealthy enjoy reading compared to 26% of the poor.
  12. 76% of the wealthy people believe that bad habits create bad luck, however only 9% of poor people think so.
  13. 69% of the poor say what is on their mind, while only 6% of the rich people do so.
  14. 86% of the wealthy believe in constant self improvement while only 5% think this way.
  15. One or hour less of TV is watched everyday by 67% of the rich people in comparison to only 23% of the poor.
  16. 6% of the rich watch reality TV while a whopping 78% of poor people do the same.

After seeing these patterns I think there has to be a connection between habits and success, while most of the rich people had the same habits, most of the poor people also had same habits amongst themselves. It is important to remember to stay focused on yourself and invest in yourself and your future.

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