Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2 Airplane Hijackers sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

Plane hijackings have been receiving a lot of media attention after the 9/11 attacks. As a result of what happened on that day, international travel was changed forever. Airports are closely monitored and any suspected trouble makers are whisked away by intelligence and security officials, before they can do harm to anyone. This has been done so that international passengers may feel safe in their travels and not have to worry for their lives, when they are travelling abroad for either business or pleasure.

Over the years numerous attempted hijackers have been arrested all over the world, proving that such strict checkpoints need to be in place after all. Some of these attempted hijackers have even been arrested in Saudi Arabia. According to reports, the Special Criminal Court in Riyadh has sentenced two members of a terrorist organization and has awarded 25 others with varying jail terms. These men are said to be part of a 36 member terrorist group whose members were accused of many crimes. The three member jury that was selected to oversee the case has awarded death penalty to the defendants numbered seven and five. The charges that have been brought up against them include shooting at security officials with intent to kill, throwing bombs and/or grenades towards security officials.

They have also been charged with receiving arms training from Afghanistan where they had gone to join the Al-Qaeda. Amongst the many charges brought up on the two, are possession of illegal firearms, construction of explosive devices and also escaping prison with other inmates and convincing them to join their cause. The court has awarded jail terms ranging from two and a half years up to 25 years to the other suspects. They have also placed them under a similar travel ban.  However not all of the members of their group were sentenced. 9 of the terror suspects have been acquitted on the basis of lack of evidence.

It was also reported that the Special Criminal Court has sentenced 17 other suspects to jail terms for various crimes. These convicts belong to two separate terror groups. This also included one terrorist who was plotting an assassination attempt on the emir of Mecca. The court has sentenced the defendant, who was at number four, for 23 years behind bars, for a string of various crimes that he had committed along with members of his terrorist group. Another suspected terrorist was awarded 20 years of jail time for the crimes that he had committed and a travel ban was also imposed upon him.

As is the case in all court proceeding, till a case is settled, the involved parties may not travel out of the country or the city as a matter of fact. The lesser sentence of jail time which was awarded to the majority of terrorists by the Special Criminal Court was an extremely just and fair verdict and we hope that it may deter any possible terrorists in the future, from planning an attack on the Kingdom’s soil.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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