Saturday, April 18, 2015

8 Must have Mobile Applications for Survival in Saudi Arabia

In today’s modern times, we have become greatly dependant on technology to go about our daily lives. In Saudi Arabia, most of the residents greatly rely on help through apps that make their lives easier. So it would be in the greatest interest of everyone to download the apps that I am about to inform you about. Smart phones and these apps have become vital to urban survival, and have also made our lives comfortable. The following apps are all highly recommended by a number of users and should definitely be downloaded;

  1. Muslim Pro: Remember the line, living of a prayer? It is in fact true, as our lives revolve around prayer times. So it is beneficial to all Muslims to know what times the prayers are at, during the day. It offers the hijri calendar and also offers the qibla direction according to your geo-location. Every Muslim must go to the App Store and download this app, so that they don’t have to ask others about the time of prayers.
  2. MOFA KSA: This app is essential for all Expats who are not fully aware of all the technical and legal glitches that are present within the country. Throughout an expat’s stay in the Kingdom, they require the assistance of the government. In many circumstances this app is essentially a referral app for the ministry of foreign affairs which can be used to refer to any and all legal situations. It is a free app that only requires registration through your iqama number and gives legal advice for your stay in the Kingdom.
  3. مخالفاتمرورية: This application is also very helpful and every driver must have it in his mobile phone. Now checking of the Traffic Violation is a single click away from your mobile phone.
  4. الجوازات: There is another application called الجوازات. It is available only in Arabic. This official application of the Directorate General of Passports allows you to do many things which needs to be done after logging in to your account in MOI.
  5. Taxi App: There are several taxi apps now. It is essential that every person downloads any of the available app as it is not recommended for women to walk alone and they cannot drive in the country either. The taxis are the only way for most people to journey across the country or for inter city travel. Apps such as Uber, Easy Taxi and Smart Taxi are amongst the top apps for taxi services in the Kingdom. Anyone willing to spend a little extra can get the benefits of travelling in an Audi or BMW daily through Uber.
  6. Bank Apps: Previously we had been using taxi apps to go to the bank. However, now banking can be done from your Smartphone. No more long queues and endless waiting at the banks, which is something that would convince anyone to switch to banking through apps. These apps have allowed us to cut down our daily errands and for that we are thankful to them.
  7. Food Delivery Apps: Food is vital for our survival right? Most of us are lazy, and want our food to be delivered to us rather than go out and eat or cook ourselves. Basically these apps gather restaurants and offer their services at your doorstep, and that too, all under one roof. Hellofood is one of our favorite apps, which has provided us with a great experience, I strongly recommend to everyone to try.
  8. Najm: I think the Najm is very important application for drivers in Saudi Arabia because you may have to face with an accident anytime in Saudi Arabia. If you have valid insurance, you can easily report through NAJM mobile application which is available for both android and IOS users.

The above content was initially published on The Pink Tarha

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