Friday, April 10, 2015

Top 3 Best International School in Riyadh

Are you planning on moving to Riyadh with your wife and children? If you are, the best bet for your children’s schooling would be three options: The British International School of Riyadh (BSI-R), The Multi-National School (MSN-R) and the American International School of Riyadh (AIS-R). When planning your child’s education the decision has to be thought over thoroughly as your child’s future depends on his/her education. We have decided to go over all three institutes to highlight all the points necessary for you to keep in mind while deciding the most suitable school for your children.

Since I have considerable knowledge of one particular Institute, I will start with the AIS-R. This school offers programs from pre-kindergarten to high school. The elementary school is located in a separate building; however the middle and high schools share the same campus as the elementary school. This particular school has great diversity in terms of the student community. Americans are a minority on campus. This school is great for the American child, as they experience a diverse student body and interact with people from all around the world. One downside of this school is that it does not cater to children with disabilities in learning. The school follows the American curriculum but also employs the International Baccalaureate Program so that high school students may enroll in any International school. The staff comprises of mostly Americans and Canadians, with a small number of Arab teachers and staff as well.

The AIS-R offers many extracurricular activities which give the students a break from studying, and allows them to build a new hobby. Language courses are also offered in school which start of as only Arabic lessons but students may choose between French, Spanish and Arabic once they reach middle school. Along with the language courses students are encouraged to learn musical instruments and they are given the ability to showcase their new talents in the winter when all students must perform in a musical plays, music concerts and talent shows.

Young 5th graders are also taught how to run for office and learn how to be part of a student council. For those with a flair for the dramatic, there is a drama club, where students may audition and work with a team to create a play. In addition to these children are allowed to enroll in activities such as photography, arts and crafts, cooking and even sports. These enrollments are free of charge for every student.

As the students start growing up, they are given responsibilities along with their extracurricular activities for instance the children who have a knack for sports may be selected in the school team and play against different schools of the city. Furthermore students, who are keen, are also given the chance to create a model united nations and hold mock United Nations conferences. Along with this technology and robotics classes are also available and every year the students are taken on a weeklong field trip.Now some of you may think that I am a representative for the school but I have simply informed you of something that I know of, and it is your choice as to which school your child goes to.

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