Thursday, April 2, 2015

Craze of taking “SELFIES” results in heavy bills of Fashion Products

Saudi citizens are reportedly the top users of the social media sites across the world. Their subscriptions have been constantly increasing, as reported by experts. For a majority of Saudis the social media apps and forums, which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have completely revolutionized their social lives. However, the impact has not always been beneficial, as these sites have reduced individual privacy and increased exposure of our daily lives. Between the Tweets and Selfies, our society has become open for all, as users are freely able to view these posts. Up until recently, many young Saudis were conscious of uploading pictures of them online. However as more and more Saudis is getting comfortable with this trend, they are also ensuring that they are always ready for a photo opportunity.

Taking an immaculate selfie requires a great deal of preparation. This trend has especially benefitted barbers and beauty salons, as people are always lining up to get their hair styled, skin cleaned or nails manicured. According to experts many women have turned towards cosmetic surgery to look their best, which is evident by the increased demand for Botox injections and other laser surgeries. The cost of these procedures ranges from SAR 500 to SAR 1,500 per session. Primarily cosmetic surgery for hands and feet has grown in demand the most, according to Oroba Al-Nasser, a prominent beauty consultant.

She also states that pictures of hands and feet are more commonly uploaded due to the fact that they cannot post pictures of their face, due to socio-religious reasons. Saudi Arabia has also become one of the top countries for most fat reduction surgeries. This need to improve their image and to always look their best, has been greatly influenced by social media. Fouad Al-Mishkas, who is a social affairs specialist, claims that images of women on social media usually portray luxury clothing brands as well as hands and feet.

Young men however post pictures of their private lives (friends, cars etc.), clothing and their muscles. He claims we are in an age where networking not only affects an individual but also the society as a whole. The social affairs specialist claims that although there is a great following for this trend, there have been no studies if there are any repercussions of these actions, also stating that the impact of these activities can be in an extremely negative manner.

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