Friday, April 24, 2015

Experience of Enrolling Fingerprints with Ministry of Interior

Our reader Hayya Alal Fala has shared his experience of enrolling finger prints to the Ministry of Interior. I really appreciate his effort as he is the first to share his experience in this particular domain on our blog. If you want to ask any question, you can post it in the below comment and Mr. Hayya will be answering them for you.

Here I am posting My Biometric registration experiences as instructed by the Ministry of Interior. I am sorry I wanted to post this under your previous article regarding this, but all my efforts, since the past 40mins in search of that article were in vain. So here it goes-

  1. We live in Khobar, but our iqama was issued in Riyadh, so we had to go to Riyadh to register our finger prints.
  2. In Riyadh we were told by relatives that only expat dependents above 15 years are required to register but on reaching Riyadh passport office we were informed that dependents who are 6 years & above are required to register. (Even on the internet everywhere it says 15 years & above)
  3. My sister came on a short visit to Saudi Arabia & we didn't want to travel all the way to Riyadh so we enquired about any other way. On enquiring we learnt we could register our biometrics in a city other than in which the iqama was issued, provided that my father produced a stamped letter from his sponsor/company on company letterhead, requesting to allow us to do so. We did as learnt & it was a success Alhumdulillah.

Other things to remember
Keep your passport too along with iqama. It doesn't matter if the pic in you iqama is incorrect. They won't check that InShaaAllah. Just submit the one with your details. If you think this info would be beneficial, I can write it in a proper article format & mail it to you.

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