Tuesday, April 7, 2015

House for Sale with Free WIFE just for $75,000

The caption sounds tempting, doesn’t it? What if you really get a free wife with a house? Moving on to the details, there was a very viral advertisement online which is sort of funny and unusual at the same time where a woman posted ad for her house for selling purpose with an extra feature of giving her hand for marriage to that person. The ad starts with a usual description of the house having all the necessary details. The house was a single story property of 523 square meters with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fish pond, granite flooring, spacious back garden and a parking space as well.

But the next part is the highlight of the ad where there is an extra rare feature; a picture of a 40 year old widow named Wina Lia leaning against a car parked in front of the house. The caption besides the picture stated that whoever buys the house can ask the owner to marry you who is a beauty salon owner herself. There are other terms and conditions applied as well. The ad ends with the caption of “non- negotiable and for serious buyers only”. The house is located on the island of Java in Sleman, with a price of 999 million rupiah in market which is about $75,000.

No doubt this is a very good deal for single individuals who wish to buy a house and a soul mate as well! This news went crazily viral on the social media in Indonesia gaining popularity. One of the popular users on the forum Kaskus named Boldies99 said that it was very smart of Lia because even when the house is sold, she will remain the owner. Lia on this comment explained that she was really shocked because she had been overwhelmed by the response of the journalists coming to interview her. Even the police approached her for inquiring about the ad as they found it to be inappropriate in the Muslim majority country.

She defended herself by telling that this was not her idea basically. She is a mother of two kids and she wanted to sell this house. She asked one of her friends who was a property dealer to help her put up an ad for selling her house and also search for a husband for her and tell limited number of people.  Incase if the buyer is single or widower and wishes to marry her can tell her as she is a widow herself. She didn’t know her friend is going to put an ad online for everyone. But on the other side she was happy as she wanted a husband as well.

She concluded that she got many calls of interested individuals after this ad among which a potential buyer showed up to her few days back but further details were not given by her about him.  She also said that if someone wants to buy the house only can also come up to her.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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