Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Huroob is being used as a blackmailing tool by Clever Sponsors

The word Huroob is basically used for the runaway or escaped employees. These are expats that were called from their homeland to Saudi Arabia by a company or sponsor to work for them, but these people somehow escaped from them and opt for a different job somewhere here illegally. For this purpose the sponsor or company is free to report to the ministry of interior and complain about its escaped employee as it is a great setback for them. They paid for that expat to bring them in the country and when they escape, it’s a loss for the sponsor. Also the sponsor now needs to go through the hassle again of hiring some other expat and bringing him in the Kingdom carrying out the whole process again to fill in the vacant space.

There are always two sides of the story. The second side is that some sponsors exploit those expats. Yes right! Some clever sponsors report their expats to be huroob when actually they are not! This way they save themselves from paying some dues in order to keep them legal or simply to punish them. That’s rude and mean of them. Many such innocent expats become victim to this exploitation and the wrong use of the huroob option. Some sponsors even blackmailed them with this issue.

So many readers on this blog have reported that they sponsors have set huroob against them while they are still working for them. Once of those readers told me his story. He was given two choices either to be reported of huroob or to pay some extra wages to the company though he had been an amazing worker for the company, they just simply want to get rid of him and so finding these ways. These ruthless sponsors can go to any extent in order to get rid of these expats. Why would you do so with some innocent workers? That’s purely illegal and an abusive use of Huroob!

This is misuse of the law by the sponsors when actually this was made for them only for their ease. What do an innocent expat do if he is a victim to this false Huroob allegation? Are such sponsors punished for what they do?There are laws for the punishment of such mean sponsors but these innocent expats do not really know the options and the way they should react. These sponsors are just left as it is without any action because the expat is in a hopeless situation where they are not able to think much! This thing is mostly noticed when an expat worker demands for an off for family vacation or for some official paper or license from the company.

Saudi Gazette has reported one case which is kept as a slave and blackmailed if he wants to die in his home land or the Kingdom! He is not paid for a year and threatened to charge him a status of Huroob. The family is begging the sponsor to leave him and have mercy. I wonder what has happened to the world now. Don’t they fear God?The appeals from such victims are heart rending. It’s high time the government should target such sponsors and take a step against them to put an end to this monopoly.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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