Tuesday, April 7, 2015

IDEAL MOTHER Award for Egyptian woman who disguised herself as Man for 43 Years

Whatever our parents do for us, it’s just immeasurable. They do beyond what we can even imagine. Parents are a great blessing of Almighty Allah upon us. One such example is mentioned in this article which you might have an idea of after reading the title. In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, there lived an Egyptian woman who masked herself as a man for 43 years. She did that just for the sake of her daughter so that she could earn living for her for a sustained life because her husband died and she needed to do something for their living anyhow. For this purpose, disguising herself as a man for 43 years, she was given an award of “ideal mother” by the Luxor governorate on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

The name of this noble lady was Sisa Abu Daooh. Social Solidarity Directorate of Luxor explained that the award was mainly of “woman breadwinner” and awarded to her because of her hard work and sacrifices she made just for the sake of her daughter and her grandchildren. These brought tears in my eyes what mothers can do for their children. No one can replace them for sure!She is a 64 year old lady who was left alone after her husband’s death when she was pregnant. This broke her and left her in miserable conditions as she had no source of income for her child.

The situation was very difficult for her as a single woman is teased and not allowed to work freely, she faced hard times. After all this she decided to dress like a man and worked outside her home in order to earn with honor and dignity and feed her baby child named Houda. This way she protected herself from harsh looks of males and worked in a place where none knew her. She tried different odd jobs to earn the maximum she could. She worked by making bricks and also polishing shoes on streets of passing by.

As days passed her daughter was old and of an age to get married so she married her daughter to a man. Unfortunately that man after sometime felt ill and wasn’t able to do work. This made living of her daughter difficult as well. For this purpose Sisa Abu Doaah worked as breadwinner of her family to serve her daughter and grandchildren.When studied about her it was found that she wore a full length loose robe with loose sleeves known as “jilbab” with a white turban or sometimes “Taqiyah” which is men’s hat paired with black masculine shoes.

Upon interview she said she preferred hard labor such as lifting bricks and the cement bags and cleaning shoes instead of begging in the streets which is a disgrace in order to earn a living for herself and her daughter and grandchildren.Currently she polishes shoes for a decent income. Her daughter is proud of her mother and helps her with carrying the kits because she is old now to Luxor station where her mother polishes shoes from 6 am onwards. Abu Daooh gave thanks to everyone who had helped her in her journey.

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