Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indian Bride Marries to the Wedding Guest

Marriage is a very fragile thing, which strengthens over time. It is best not to hide anything from someone with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life. However when things are hidden, and the foundation of a marriage is built on lies, then the marriage may not last long. In some cases though, lies get exposed before the marriage is official. As reported by BBC, an angry bride at her own wedding married a guest who was attending the wedding, after her groom fainted due to health problems in the middle of the ceremony. It is reported that as the “varmala” ceremony was proceeding, during which the 25 year old groom was supposed to garland his 23 year old bride Indira, the groom had an epileptic fit and fainted just as he was extending his arms to fulfill the ceremony.

Indira surprised and enrages showed no sympathy towards her husband-to-be as she was not informed of any health issues that the groom was facing. Instead of worrying about her marriage, the bride stepped up and announced that she would happily marry a man named Harpal Singh who was attending the ceremony. Harpal happened to be the bride’s sister’s brother in law.Singh who was wearing a leather jacket and jeans was dumbfounded but quickly regained his composure and stated that he would take Indira as his bride. They then proceeded with the “varmala” ceremony which went about without any problems.

In the mean time Kishore, who was the groom, regained his consciousness after being rushed to the hospitals by family and friends. He woke up only to find out that his bride-to-be had married someone else. Kishore along with his family pleaded to the bride and her family that it will be a great disgrace for them to return home without a bride. However as their attempts to convince the bride failed, words turned into violent actions as dishes, plates and cutlery were flying around the entire place being used as weapons. Yet none of their efforts bore any results as the bride decided to stick with her decision to marry Singh.

The groom and his relatives turned to the police to solve their problem but have since withdrawn all their complaints.All health issues, especially something as serious as epilepsy, needs to be told to whomever you intend to marry. It is just not the question of marriage but about the fact that your children may get the disease or health issue through genetics. The bride and groom can also exchange contagious diseases from each other.

However I can sort of understand why the groom and his family did not bring up this issue earlier, as no woman wants to marry someone with such a disease. Such diseases are usually only in the knowledge of immediate or extremely close family members and if a marriage proposal is rejected on the basis of his health, his disease will become known by everyone.

Source: BBC

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