Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meet Liana Barrientos, A woman with 10 Husbands

The western media do not often hold back in shaming Muslims and criticizing their permission to marry up to 4 wives at any one time. However they often tend to forget such cases are pretty common in their own country. The low value that is associated with value in the west, in comparison to the Muslim world has caused many westerners to marry more than one person at the same time. Although some states consider this act illegal, there are some states that allow polygamy. We however do not often see someone with such an extreme case of polygamy, as the woman you are going to learn about below.

A woman based in New York has been accused of having countless fake marriages. These fake marriages had been done with at least 10 men, and it is believed that this is to work a scam on the immigration services. State prosecutors have stated that one of these alleged husbands was deported back to his home country after an investigation had been made into threatening statements which were given against the United States. This investigation was carried out by a Joint Terrorism Task Force. The man, who made these threatening statements against the sovereignty of the United States, belonged to Pakistan.

Liana Barrientos, who is the woman with 10 husbands, has pleaded not guilty on Friday, to two counts of filing of false information. This false information was a marriage application and a license which had been given in the Bronx. The polygamist woman and her legal counsel refused to comment on or answer any of the questions being asked by the media reporters outside the courthouse.Jessica Lupo, who is the Assistant District Attorney, stated that during one time in Liana Barrientos’ life, she was married to around 8 men at the same time. These men all resided in the New York City area. The state prosecutors have also added to the extreme case of polygamy by stating that the fake grooms of the woman belonged to numerous countries. These countries consisted of Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Georgia and Mali.

These men had allegedly married Liana Barrientos to gain citizenship to the United States. This is a common scam which is carried out in the United States. Authorities have been cracking down hard on these fake marriages, and the test to qualify for citizenship through marriage has become even stricter over the years owing to these fake brides and grooms.Liana Barrientos had been in this fake bride service since 1999 up until 2010, though it is believed she continued to the day she was finally caught. The woman is said to charge a fee for providing the men with a temporary bride, and an easy means of gaining United States citizenship.

Such people should not be judged on the basis of their faith or religion, but should be treated as scam or con artists. The fate of the polygamist woman seems to be unknown for now, but cases such as hers often end up in either jail time or deportation.

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