Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 Most Common Items Stolen from Hotel Rooms

Guests staying at hotels often take with them a lot of souvenir, when they check out. Hotels do provide some complimentary things for their guests, but apparently this does not fulfill the guest’s desires and they tend to take other things too which may not be necessarily complimentary. Here are the most commonly stolen items from hotel rooms;

Most Common Items Stolen from Hotel Rooms
  1. Towels have been stolen from hotels since a long time. Hotels cannot possibly track towel usage for those guests who stay for more than one day in the hotel. Towels also conveniently fit into whatever piece of luggage you want it to fit into.
  2. Cushions are often taken from hotel rooms, primarily so that the guest can brag about stealing a cushion. People also take the cushions home as a souvenir to remember their stay by.
  3. Bathrobes are, similarly like towels, stolen a lot from hotels. Some might find them too comfortable to be used, but some just take them as they are considered complimentary for the guest.
  4. Surprisingly TV remote controls are also stolen from hotels. This is essentially useless unless the guests have the same brand TV at home and have lost their remote in between the sofa cushions.

  5. Light bulbs, which are definitely not worth the risk or hassle, are regularly taken from hotel rooms. Even though it is an essential product that one might need at home, it is a mission to safely transport the bulb/s.
  6. Those mini-bars that are complimentary to the guest are usually emptied before checking out of the hotel room. Some hotels however do not provide free mini bars and it is usually charged under room expenses.
  7. Clothes hangers are stolen from hotels as they can easily be camouflaged between your clothes and personal hangers. No matter how small the item may be, theft is still theft.
  8. Those fancy and exotic looking bathroom display trays; with all the lotions, shampoos and conditioners are also stolen from the hotel. If the trays are not stolen, the contents of the tray are definitely stolen by nearly all hotel guests. It maybe because some people want their bathrooms to look like the hotel bathrooms.

  9. Coffee sachets near the mini bar are considered as complimentary by some hotels and charged by others. However this has not stopped people from stealing the sachets for personal consumption later on. These coffees are usually brands that are found in every home and store, and not some exotic expensive coffee.
  10. People can get tired of looking at plain tissue boxes at home or work. This causes them to steal the plastic tissue boxes so that they can be used to replace the boring standard tissue paper eyesore.

Every one of us who has ever stayed at a hotel has taken at least one thing back with them as a souvenir. Although taking petty things like the small shampoo and conditioner bottles, or the towels and bathrobes may be seen as frivolous rather than theft, people need to avoid stealing big pricey things which may land them in trouble.

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