Sunday, April 5, 2015

No Outdoor Games for Kids in Saudi Arabia

With growing years of a kid, it is natural that his skills and activities increase equally. Even some kids are too active as compare to their age levels. When it comes to boys, sports become the most liking activity which requires open air areas and spacious homes. Usually people residing in Riyadh have congested houses with no play areas and open ground. Only wealthy families can facilitate their children with open grounds along with their houses to boost up their activities. I have witnessed so many families residing in apartments, where 6, 7 or 8 years old kids try to show up their skills by knocking down expensive photo frames on walls, costly decoration pieces on side tables and even heads of elders and Youngsters.

That’s obvious when they would have no open area to play; there is no other option but to use their homes as play grounds. It is common practice of all expats to criticize parenting skills of Saudi natives. But when you experience the circumstances they face, obviously you would salute their patience and adjustment levels. It is hard for Saudi parents to calm down rambunctiousness of growing children with less spacious houses. Even villas I witnessed in Riyadh has little side areas for cycling and bike riding of kids.

Still skating and football venues are missing in big houses. Parents feel difficulty in managing sports needs of their children, for people residing in Riyadh Green Park is a good place to visit for their kids’ activities and sport needs. Normally kids don’t block roads for football games as happen in rest of the world. Football courts are usually outside the city areas but still they are only for males. So it is difficult for mothers to take their children to playing areas, fathers come and they can only take their kids to exhaust their sports skills. But yes, girls can only visit parks and playing areas as spectator as they are only for men.

There are various ongoing plans for kids in Riyadh in coming years. Gymbaroo and My Gym are going to be open soon for young kids to boost up their physical energy. Obviously these venues are not free like public parks and play ground and nor at walking distance. So mothers again can’t take their children to take to these playing venues, fathers have to take this responsibility. Kids In motion Gym is present in Localizer Mall which has combination of activities and is called exer-gaming zones where exercise and games, both opportunities are available for kids ranging between 6 to 13 years old. It has several areas like ball handling center, dancing floors and rock climbing wall

Fathers are sole entities who decide to plan entertainment activities for their kids, whether it is taking them to personal farms, to gyms, parks or sport areas. Mothers have to sit and wait when fathers are going to plan outdoor activities for their kids and they could take free time for themselves.

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