Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Over 70,000 Containers of Fake Zamzam water Confiscated

This world is full of fake people and fake means for obtaining money. They can cross any limit for that purpose, you cannot trust anyone here! These people don’t even spare the sacred water of Zamzam. Yes! This is happening in Saudi Arabia which is something very shameful.Can you even imagine of transporting fake containers of Zamzam with duplicate stickers and cartons in order to earn a handsome amount of money.Atleast I can’t think of it ever! This is absolutely insane.

In Makkah it was reported by the municipality officers of Al Omrah branch that over 70,000 containers were confiscated of fake Zamzam water of different sizes. This news was confirmed by the chairman of local authority named, Luai Bin Jamal Ashor.We know that many people buy Zamzam water from the Kingdome in order to take it back home by the local residents or the pilgrims. The municipality inspection team got to know of this fraud going on somewhere illegally in some factory so they decided to raid the place. Illegal refilling and fake packaging of the blessed water was found for selling purpose.

It was told that the fake Zamzam water’s source was not known but the team made sure that the fake water is destroyed and people are not made fool anymore.The chairman also told that local authority had a talk with the municipality officials where they were told to seal the factory and clean the area.The officials also revealed that the containers were not packed and manufactured according to the laws and specifications given under King Abdullah Zamzam Water Project for providing the holy water to pilgrims to take with them to their homelands.

In this regard the ministry also warned all Umrah companies against this confiscation and distribution of these containers to pilgrims at their accommodation. It was revealed after various investigations that a number of unlicensed people were distributing this fake Zamzam water illegally to pilgrims.It was emphasized by the ministry that Umrah companies should ask pilgrims to obtain the holy Zamzam water from its correct source which is the NWC, National Water Company.

The National water company project was opened in 2010 with 42 distributing points. Its outlet located in the Kudai district provides with a daily supply of 5,000 cubic meters of the sacred water and producing about 200,000 containers daily, each having a capacity of 10 liters. The project costs around SR 700 million working around the clock for providing the holy water to pilgrims, and visitors.It is really saddening that people are getting greedy day by day not sparing anyone and anything.It is a really good step taken by the Ministry’s inspection team and I really appreciate it! Recently it came in news that there are more of such companies selling fake Zamzam water for as low as SR 35 per container. The inspection team should extend their search and target to close such shops as well to prevent visitors of Allah.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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