Thursday, April 23, 2015

Popularity of King Salman on Twitter – Follow Him

The custodian of the two holy mosques, King Salman has become one of the most largely followed world leader on the social networking site Twitter, while his popularity has significantly grown on other social media networks as well. The newly crowned King has beaten many leaders on the popular micro blogging site, and is being followed by scholars, world leaders and his Saudi citizens on all of the social sites. After the demise of King Abdullah, the new King Salman has gained great number of followers on Twitter. The followers on the King Salman’s Twitter account have reached up to 2.77 million till today.

The new King has even changed his twitter name to @KingSalman from @HRHPSalman and within hours of the change he gained almost 150,000 mentions and tags on the network.The increase in the number of followers is primarily because of the reputation the new King has of being a hard-working and visionary leader. Referring to the twitter account of the king,King Salman wrote on his twitter account “God rest the soul ofKing Abdullah”. The King also later posted on twitter “I am asking God to help me serve the dear people and realize their dreams, and protect our country, ensure security and stability, and protect us from evils.”

Saleh Al-Johani, a PR specialist has stated that the King is frequently mentioned on social media. The atmosphere in the Kingdom at the moment is that of excitement and activity, with the curiosity to learn about Saudi Arabia and its leadership after the demise ofKing Abdullah, as people all over the world expressed great grief on his demise.Facebook followed suit and there too started a trending topic, along with YouTube and Twitter, with people from around the world praising and congratulating the newly crowned King. They also offered their condolences on the death of the previous king. In reaction to the death of the old king, there were numerous posts on many websites, which prayed for him, also praying he receives a place in heaven.

Anessa Usman Tan wrote on social media that the old King was no doubt the King of humanity, and was always helpful to all countries. The respect and admiration of the previous King was not only restricted to the Muslim community, and he was loved by non-Muslims too. A Filipino had thanked the king’s services for the victims of Yolanda.Almost all of the social media users from Saudi Arabia are men (87%), who actively watch and participate in the new developments. A number of people have pleaded the new King to solve the regional issues of the country. Many have also compared similarities between the late King Abdul Aziz andKing Salman, as he has inherited his father’s skills and traits, including his quest for knowledge.King Salman is a student of sociology, economy, politics and history. This is visible by the huge size of his personal library.

Source: Arab News

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