Friday, April 17, 2015

Population Growth Rate of KSA, Pak and India

Everybody in the world, who follows current events and politics, is quite aware of the great love and support that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have for each other. The two countries have assisted each other in numerous ways over a long period of time but the same cannot be said about the relationship between Pakistan and India. While there have been many efforts to bring an end to the disputes between the two countries, the relationship has always been strained. However I am sure none of the readers here will be aware that all three of these countries are similar in at least one category.

The population growth rate for Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India are somewhat similar, although it should be noted that according to a survey in 2013 the growth rate for both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were level, while India was below both these countries.As many of you already know that Saudi Arabia is an oil rich country, with a booming economy. It is no wonder that 80 percent of their workforce comprises of foreigners. To help you understand the vast amount of oil that Saudi Arabia has, we look at the Ghawar oil field, which is the largest oil field in the world and only one of many in Saudi Arabia, has enough oil to fill 4.8 million Olympic swimming pools. Even with the dwindling prices of fuel these days, that is a lot oil. Saudi Arabia is not only huge in wealth but it is also huge in size, because if it is compared to Germany, 6 times the land mass of Germany equals 1 Saudi Arabia.

The population of Saudi Arabia stands at 29 million according to a report in 2013, in accordance with the depicted growth rate of 1.49 percent per annum; it is estimated to reach 33.6 million by 2023 and 39 million by 2033. The Saudi government seems to be ready for such an increase in population with a stable economy and good standard of life for most of the people living in the kingdom. It should be noted that poverty still exists in the country although it is at a very minimal level.

Pakistan however, who stand level in relevance to population growth rate with Saudi Arabia at 1.49 percent, do not have the same booming or stable economy. This is because of the constant terror threat in the country along with massive corruption in the government and other official authorities like the police.  The population is estimated at 182 million according to a study from 2013. In accordance with their growth rate it is estimated that the population will reach 211 million by 2023 and 245 million by 2033.

India, who has emerged as a superpower in recent years due to a booming economy, has a population growth rate of 1.25 percent per annum. The population stands at 1.25 billion and in accordance to the growth rate is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2023 and 1.6 billion by 2033.

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