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Procedure to Process Permanent Family Visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan

From the day I have published the article for the “Procedure to Process Family Visit Visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan”, many readers of the blog have been insisting me to publish another article describing the Procedure to Process Permanent Family Visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan. This procedure is equally valid for the “Permanent Family Visa applied Online” as well as “Permanent Family Visa applied through Istiqdam”. Many questions have been raised asking about the validity of the Yellow Slip obtained from Istiqdam or Visa Slip obtained from MOFA, you can read into this link to know about it “Validity of Yellow Slip or Permanent Family Visa applied Online”. The Procedure to Process Permanent Family Visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan has been explained below.

Getting Permanent Family Visa from Saudi Arabia
I would assume that you have already got Yellow Slip from Istiqdam or printed the approved visa from MOFA website applied online. Now send the permanent family visa to your family in the home country.

Booking Appointment with Etimad Center
First of all you need to book an appointment with Etimad Centers. The procedure to book an appointment is given here. Don’t forget to take the print of appointment with you to the Etimad Center. If you don’t have appointment, you can still go there directly but they entertain direct people without appointment only up 11am in the morning.

Medical Test for the Permanent Family Visa from GAMCA, Pakistan
  1. Ask your family to go GAMCA including kids who are more than 12 years of age. Get the appointment from GAMCA they will give you a slip which mention the medical center. Go to that center and appear for the medical test.
  2. It is better to know what kind of medical examinations they do before going there. I have explained it in this link “List of Medical Tests for Saudi Visa”.
  3. In GAMCA you need, original passport, at least 8 pictures with blue background, original ID card, make 4 copies of each.
  4. If you have kids you need polio vaccination cards which need to be endorsed by a travel agent. Eimad centers have agents who do that and they charge PKR 1,500 per polio certificate. You can also get it from the Lab where you go for test. Someone said in the below comments that they charge PKR 500 only for it.
  5. In Lahore GAMCA center is at Dubai Chowk Illama Iqbal town. Etimad Centre Lahore can help the visa bearers to apply for the retrieval of NOC (in case of pregnancy) from Saudi Consulate without any fees or appointment.

Visit to the Etimad Center
Once you have received the medical report, you need to go to Etimad along with all the documents mentioned below. They will check the documents and take your finger prints and give you e-number of your visa. You will have to go back to the medical center and ask them to make it online against this e-number and return back to the Etimad again. Anyone can go on your behalf to the medical center along with the required and related documents.

Documents Required at Etimad Center Pakistan for processing of Permanent Family Visa
  1. Proof of relationship (it can be marriage certificate for the spouse and birth certificate for the children). It needs to be attested by the Foreign Office in Pakistan
  2. Polio certificates required for the children age below 12 years. If you have kids you need polio vaccination cards which need to be endorsed by a travel agent. Eimad centers have agents who do that and they charge PKR 1,500 per polio certificate.
  3. “B form” from NADRA office is required for all the children below 18 years age.
  4. Boys above 18 years of age cannot get permanent family visa. If your girl is above 18, you need to affidavit that she is not married attested from notary public (court), Pakistan's Foreign Office.
  5. Passport of the Applicant - It is better if Your Wife get new passport with your name as husband on it. (it's simple, just go to NADRA office with Union counsel provided Nikah Registration form and they will proceed), and after that your wife will get the New Passport on basis of new ID Card.
  6. CNIC with Husband's name
  7. Photocopy of passport of the husband and Iqama
  8. 2 Pics in white background which should not be more than 6 months old
  9. It is written on the website of the Etimad Center that Police Clearance Certificate is required. However, they don’t check the PCC. There is no need to take the PCC for the processing of permanent family visa from Pakistan.

Post submission of Application at Etimad Center
  1. Once all these documents are stamped, you need to track the application status on their website. When the status is appeared as the visa is stamped on your passport, anyone can go to Etimad Center with the receipt of the application and proof of his identification and collect the passport.
  2. You can also check if the visa is stamped on the passport of your family through Enjaz. The detail has been given in this link “Check Status of Permanent Family Visa Online
  3. You may also opt for courier service at the Etimad Center. In this case, the passport will be delivered at your home address.
  4. If your passport is not collected within 30 months from the Etimad Center, it will be returned to Saudi Embassy.

Fee of Stamping Permanent Family Visa from Etimad Center Pakistan
  1. The fee to process permanent family visa from etimad Center in Pakistan is PKR 14,000 if you take an appointment and PKR 20,000 if you opt for lounge, and it is not refundable.
  2. At the time of submission of the documents, the staff members will ask you to opt for the urgent way of processing the application. The fee for urgent way of stamping the visa from Etimad Center is more than the normal fee. This is just a tactic to get additional amount of money from your pocket. Don’t be trapped to such trick as there is hardly any difference between the duration of two method of processing of application.

Etimad Center Contact Numbers: 0092-4237512732, 0092-4237512733, 0092-4237512734, 0092-4237512735, 0092-4237512737, 0092-2132785640, 0092-2132785641, 0092 51 4432703, 0092 51 4432704
Complaints against Etimad Center in Pakistan
Complaints against any malpractice of GAMCA should be referred to the following office:
Competition Commission of Pakistan
7th Floor South, ISE Towers 55-B, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Telephone Ph: (+92) 51-9100260-3 || Fx: (+92) 51-9100251

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